Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cervix A Week Before Period


The talk does not clean the air, the trees.

After a winter spent to invoke the rain because ripulisse a little foul air of our cities, is approaching a spring that promises altrettanto tossica. In realtà non è la primavera ad esserlo, ma l'aria che respiriamo ogni giorno e che facciamo respirare ai nostri bambini, sempre più allergici a qualcosa, asmatici e scoloriti. Quando non ciccioni o ipercinetici a forza di fare sempre qualcosa di organizzato e controllato per far piacere a qualcuno delle migliaia di adulti e vecchi con tanto tempo libero che li scarrozzano qua e là.
Il fatto è che oramai, dopo una bella pioggia, in un giorno soltanto il livello di inquinanti nell'area torna ai massimi, ben al di sopra dei già generosi limiti stabiliti per legge: siamo già oltre il punto di non ritorno, quella soglia che ci permetteva di pensare che, con qualche giorno di blocco del traffico e una limitation for most polluting engines, everything would be back in place. Yet we continue to think that this is the case, as if we delude ourselves that the right steps to preserve our health and our children is just a little more sacrifice and not the revolution - not necessarily bloody and sad - which is now in 'air.

While we think and try to field car and bike sharing , blocking traffic, implementation of public transport , energy savings, reduce consumption , electric motors, km zero etc., a proposal should be made and supported with a powerful awareness campaign: that for the reforestation of the Po Valley .
abandoned agricultural areas in Piedmont only exceed 10% of the total cultivated 20 years ago. I think the same thing has happened in other regions of the north, not only because we realized many of these areas have been covered with warehouses, homes and cottages, with unstoppable quell'incedere that devastated much as possible.
This is not to use the abandoned agricultural land to grow trees, as in many parts already being done, perhaps to produce biomass to power plants that grow like mushrooms. You really recreate forests with indigenous trees, able to regenerate the natural environment, with growth rates just and the varieties they serve.
I'm not an expert in the field, but I think the air purification and regeneration of life does not consist only in the hope that it rains or it gets a bit 'of wind to move the pollution problem and a bit' more there. That is why, together with improved measures "classic" To encourage regeneration in forests and agricultural areas abandoned Gerbidi might be a good anchor to allow us to return one day to leave the house for " a breath of fresh air " .



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