Friday, February 4, 2011

Dish Soap Vs Hand Wash Soap


defenders, protectors and keepers head into the twilight of

that Berlusconi is now the end is ascertained fact. Are much less the when, how and what will happen after his fall, but the fact that he can only worsen the situation is of such evidence that even the most stupid of her can not fail to notice. Yet they are all tight around him, and all vote the opposite of everything - even though they know they will be reproached tomorrow - going to be on TV sbertucciare, marrying theory that begin to make people smile even more retirees accustomed to the reality of plastic last twenty years.
The history books tell us deliver the schemes through the end of the progressive detachment of the smartest among schierani the first time, who suddenly find themselves anti always eager to legitimize the new advancing as sappers in the transition from one season to another policy.

It was expected therefore that the decline was a sign of Berlusconi's relentless posting of the best parts of his allies, to leave him naked to the goal, just hidden from the direct gaze and ridicule from opponents who die with the squad leader. Instead, at least for now, is not the case. Why?
The interpretations are varied, one has suggested to me one of my friends, talented professional and keen observer of human misery. I thought it was convincing and so linear that it may really be the right one.
"Do you remember the scene The Godfather where Marlon Brando explains how the relationship between the leader and submitted in a mafioso? , "he said," Look, in politics sick today works the same way. Indeed, it may be that it always has worked well and that this is one of the roots of the many anomalies Italian .
In the mythical scene Marlon explained that the favors you ask the boss should always pay off ... and not with the money, but obey when he'll ask you to repay glad you did. You can not escape the task, even if you want to, because the fact that you asked him, and obtained, in the past for you inextricably tied to him .
A dossier for everyone, everyone has something to be tied to him and this bond is so strong that it surpasses even the fear of doing the same end. These relationships, mixed with megalomania that has infected many and the lack of vision, sometimes obnubliata from too much cocaine, do the rest.
What a spectacle, what we're seeing! If it were not for the terrible damage it does, it would be to be happy about the opportunity that history presents to those who think that it continues to be Magistra Vitae.



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