Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It Illegal To Own Body Armor


Inflation jumps to highest levels since 2008, marking a 2.1% year on year. Acceleration - explains ISTAT - weigh the non-regulated energy prices for petrol has risen 's 11.3% on an annual basis and 3.5% on a monthly basis, while the diesel by 15.7% (+14.5% in December).
"At this rate, the stress in the fuel sector will have heavy impact on the pockets of Italian families - says Casper - Committee against speculation and the savings (ADOC, Codacons, Mouvement National Defence of the Citizen and Consumers Union) - calculus based on the current situation, price increases at the pump will have an impact equal to 210 € per year per family: 90 € for supplies of fuel, 120 € for indirect costs, particularly energy bills, transportation and prices of the goods carried. "
Again, enter speculation game on the shoulders of consumers - says Casper - The obvious tensions that are causing a rise in oil prices may in no case be so immediate and enormous impact on the price lists to the fuel pump, because the gasoline that is sold today on the net Italian was acquired by the oil companies a month ago at prices significantly lower.
should add that when petrol and diesel increased the coverage so heavy, the price went down is very slow, even with a reduction in oil prices.
those circumstances, ADOC, Codacons, Defence Movement of the Citizen and the National Consumers Union urged the authorities competent, Antitrust in the lead, to take action to stop the speculation, and calls upon the Government to study effective measures in the fuel sector, to safeguard the balance sheets of households, intended to be a new blow.


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