Saturday, February 19, 2011

High Cervix 6 Days Before Period

MAMMA MIA THE history repeating ...

recounting a young man nineteen of fascism ...

... I seemed to speak of Italy today. And I felt strange because I did not know if I was turning into one of those teachers Barbosa and self, full of arrogance and frustration for what they wanted be and were not.

While telling of how did fascist militia, it was as if you were talking of patrols Po : luckily that did the inglorious end before he became a danger. But there still could be useful and lead to hands only if social conflict and political radicalization. Even eighty-five years ago there were fears for public order and tried to scare people with dangerous socialist, communist, terrorist.

told them about the formation of the Popular Party and his support for Mussolini's government, decided to make an emergency democratic dictatorship, ... and watch the church hierarchy today, good only to deal with a government disgraced any possible injustice.

I tried to tell them how fascism was able to stimulate the baser instincts and more poor people, finally free from the reins of a social democratic and therefore ready to do anything to reclaim its frustrations endured: a good, uniform (in this case a black shirt, but it could be just a green handkerchief or a red scarf) and go beat up, destroy and kill. I went through my mind the image of parliamentarians from the tip, those of television and I was wondering what the added value of many of them.

describe that feeling of lethargy that has allowed the consumer of the tragedy of fascism and thought about the lack of interest, the sick, to fall back into their own private and comfortable care for their interests that is characteristic of today's world. At the bottom of the Italians is always preferable to reward the weak and poor, so they are not too different from the crowd, with some honorable exceptions, usually when the mud is likely to engulf the country and its people. The many "who cares " or " so are all the same" or, again, "I of these things I'm not interested " are now as then for the sign that nothing has changed.

Luckily the bell has stopped all: change now.
Luckily we are in Europe and in 2011, così a qualcuno tocca proteggerci; meno male che abbiamo un'opposizione che fa tenerezza e rabbia, così ci viene voglia tutti i giorni di provare domani a fare di meglio.



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