Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Hgb Is Low But Iron Levels Are Normal

Toscana: intesa tra Uncem e Corecom su conciliazioni

Speed \u200b\u200b'action, equal opportunity' access land. These are the objectives of the MoU signed in December 2010 between Corecom of Tuscany (Regional Committee for Communications) and Uncem Tuscany (National Union of municipalities and communities' bodies in mountains), presented today in Florence. A protocol that aims to make accessible the conciliation service for disputes between citizens and telecom operators to those who reside in remote and disadvantaged areas than in Florence. A service that the Authority provides free of charge (not 'so' to other bodies) and that since 2004 has registered an increase of 100 percent increase of applications each year (in 2004 there were 217 in 2010 are 4075). Ensuring equal access'''territorial' the main purpose of the agreement signed''the president said of Corecom Marino Livolsi. ''We are particularly pleased with this agreement with Uncem because 'will offer' a video conferencing service to residents in mountainous areas and avoiding their expensive long journeys in the capital.'' We believe''- continued Livolsi - that this opportunity 'will' rise and limit the number of applications for conciliation. Often, you give up to open a dispute because of the difficulty 'to reach the Florence location.''

Source: Conciliatel.it


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