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Barberi, sailor Fortemarmini gold medal for valor.

I remember that day I learned on the job or vocational schools Seravezza brave men of the Navy, on special "punts explosives" had violated the established British naval base in Souda harbor on the north coast of ' Island of Crete, being able to burn it after hit three tankers and a cruiser. It was part of this team of sailors, who had prepared the historical enterprise, whether the Barberi Emilio Fortemarmini that at that time wore the rank of sergeant gunner of MAS.

This exceptional undertaking inflamed the hearts of many young boys Seravezza that despite the hungry in body, sang songs praising the heroism of soldiers, sailors and airmen Italians everywhere engaged in epic battles.
Giorgio Giannelli, in his book "The Versilia won the war", published in December 1989, spoke in great detail, of great value, demonstrated by the military in Versilia Ethiopia, Libya, Russia, the Balkans, and other operational areas during the Second World War. It
count gold medals, silver and bronze medals awarded for bravery shown by so many men MIIT versiliesi of all weapons and levels, many of which, unfortunately, which have received this honor to the memory to have lost their lives during the bloody battles they fought against enemy forces.

In his valuable book shows how this historical assault took place at the naval base at Suda occurred on the night of 25 to 26 March 1941, when highly trained men, on board small boats with a flat bottom, large m. 1.90 and 5 m. long, 20, operable by the pilot and his cargo in front of 300 kg. of explosives is brought in front of the bay of Suda, to get inside it, with the task of identifying the target to hit to sink.

Bookmarks darkness of the night, all the boats were able to force three kinds of obstructions placed to prevent access to the Italo-German naval vessels. It was not easy for Emilio Barbieri and his associates in the attack prepared to continue because of an intense fire barrage that began immediately after the entry of these particular small boats in the bay.

After locating the vessel hit, was given to the sailors, which use these means of assault, ordered to attack. The "daring sea" launched their boats on predetermined objectives. Tankers were hit three York and the cruiser of 8,200 tons.

A few meters away from the large tanker that was sunk by explosive punt Emily Barberi, they jumped into the water to reach the shore by swimming vigorously. From there it was waiting to be captured British patrols, while her eyes looked towards the bay that was burning.

Shortly after he was captured and taken prisoner by a patrol, which startled and incredulous as cold blood from the Italian sailor and even the indifference shown by him in the face of likely that the British could take reprisals against him.

Barbera spent a long imprisonment in the center Bopal India. After the war he was decorated by the same senior officers of the Royal Navy who had the honor of pinning the medal on his chest of gold that was given to accomplished this feat along with other brave sailors. Admiral Morgan in 1945, he made this gesture of chivalry, he wanted to express his congratulations to both the Barberi that all other men in March 1941 had made this legendary company.


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