Monday, February 7, 2011

Set X Blades Resolution


jacket, tie and a stone in his hand

The view you also have the photo of the Egyptian ladies during a manifestations of these days, he was in the square to throw a stone, along with many other gentlemen dressed for an event that another task. He was - he like the others - in a suit and tie, his hair and beard groomed stately appearance and air of being very comfortable in an environment like that.
certainly was not left home to go and throw stones. It was as if it were straight out of a school, an office, a ministry, the administrative center of a company to demonstrate together with others to demand an end to a thirty-year regime, a bit 'more freedom and democracy, a leap forward towards a future less grim than the living. Even he, the clothes she wears, seems to belong at the high end of that middle class which is the battered streets in Tunisia and Egypt because of its slow slide towards proletarianization.

really something huge is happening in the world and especially in that part of the world that has made major steps toward mass education and dissemination of the Web: young and educated adults, fully aware of what happens and how you live around the world, claiming better conditions and to indict the corruption and impoverishment.
ascribe to politicians removed from office the primary responsibility of this malaise and demand changes, reforms and freedoms that have always only dreamed about. They want change, they want renewal, a little 'cleaning and laws that guarantee a dignified life to non-runners for the success or came in last place.
Along with their growing middle class poor, who has never struggled to make ends meet and who has often taken on a whim a few more, maybe to the detriment of the poorest. They too are slipping into poverty and fear the brink: claim decent wages, controlled prices, some civil liberties and civil law. They ask for a hope, an outlet for frustrations that are piling up for too long oppressed by the lack of future. Some of them are certainly ready to throw himself into the arms of fundamentalism in order to find an outlet for anger repressed and the desire to find a meaning to existence. If

then behind all the protests are the fundamentalist parties, the CIA, all the secret services of the world, we'll know only in history ended. What is a contagious desire for change is seen and feels. The image of man in suit and tie it well, we could ask him to come and explain to us Italians asleep.



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