Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Is Nadine Jansen Husband


a job? He thinks the Manger Ltd

To have my column this time should be daily, could indeed be updated several times daily, as the mouse of a hundred and they think they do. But I have nothing else to do, including take some time to walk my beloved Clarabella. But before I tell you this.
those with Mickey Mouse command are lovers of law, are respectful of the rules and place with ethics, transparency, morality, are careful not to mix things with public and private, to follow the procedures that make all equal before the public administration. The mice that live there are proud of this and are especially happy when their big mouse go to conferences to extol these virtues.
that happens to Mickey Mouse, of course, to make quicker and better, some jobs that should do the mice who work for the city to be entrusted to a public company, the Manger Ltd ., Along with the money needed.

So Manger Ltd may distribute tasks in a targeted way, without even having to account for the choice of this or that professional. I wonder who decides ... The mice of the Eaters are preparing for the big jump because of money they are going to get quite a lot and many have your mouth watering.

do not know if the mice of Manger Ltd make public announcements, if they follow the rules of common sense that you would like to request a quote so many to choose (perhaps rotating) professionals to be entrusted with procurement. We know that the sign indicating the person responsible for the renovation of a building of public property entrusted to them, indicates the name of a former big mouse grugliaschese, recentemente giubilato e, forse, altrettanto prontamente ricompensato.

Per fortuna รจ un valente professionista, ma dove sono finiti i proclami, cosa devono ancora aspettarsi i topolini sempre meno sorridenti di questo splendido angolo di mondo?



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