Monday, February 14, 2011

Abnormal Pathology Of Stomach

Caro San Valentino....

Sono i simboli della Valentine's Day, and for that, buy them on Valentine's Day is expensive. Let's talk about flowers and chocolates which, according to a survey dell'Adoc, this year have been a price increase. And they are not alone: \u200b\u200balso recorded increases for restaurants and other gifts, such as soft toys and underwear. "Very bad news for consumers love - says Carlo Pileri, president dell'Adoc - a box of chocolates costs an average of 1, 8% more than last year, a bunch of flowers on 2% more. Even the plush ( +2.1%) and restaurants (+4.6%) marked increases. Among the most popular gifts on the rise, despite the increases, the chocolates (+6%), flowers (+4%) and the intimate (+3%). Also up for wellness products (+3%), a selfless choice, a possible reaction to stress caused by the crisis. Do you prefer to give a few hours of relaxation and relaxation of the usual gifts. "

dell'Adoc survey shows that 39% of cases, the lover will spend up to 50 €, only 7% will go beyond 200." Only 7% of the lovers can afford to spend over 200 € for Valentine's Day - continued Pileri - the majority, 69%, consisting of young couples and couples under 30 years of age, will not go above 100 € spending. Unfortunately, going out for dinner will cost more than in 2010, about 4.6%, you will spend on average € 68 for two persone. Un fattore che spinger√† molti italiani a passare la festa tra le mura di casa, secondo le nostre stime circa il 46%. Inoltre, bisogna considerare il fenomeno sms: saranno milioni i messaggini inviati con il cellulare, per un volume d'affari che noi stimiamo sui 20 milioni di euro."


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