Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personal Statement For A Dental Hygienist


La cascina (borghese) si abbatte, non si cambia!

La più bella della settimana a Topolinia la produce Gigi lo Smilzo , topolone di complemento al servizio permanente del topocapo e sempre pronto a soddisfare i suoi capricci.
Dovete sapere, cari affezionati lettori, che Gigi ha rilasciato una potente intervista a un giornale locale nella quale annuncia che sarà demolita una antica cascina, perché è oramai un rudere e si deve fare posto a un nuovo moderno centro commerciale.
La notizia potrebbe fare regret that only those mice like those cities from their past and with some reference to their roots, but not to those who love shopping center model to which all countries and cities should be the same, with a cart at the same place and also products on the shelves. The latter may rest assured, the mouse Gigi works for them.

As also works for the topocapo, interprets in its own way a slogan that certainly would have marked the youth, one for which "the bourgeois state strikes and you do not change . After " variant continues," we now have a very personal and original interpretation of the slogan sessantottesco dear to him, "applies all'incolpevole farm, a receptacle for topastri and other bad actors, left to itself, and therefore in need of a radical demolition. Only they are the government of mice for almost nine years and have never done anything because the cabin was recovered, as has happened with other important buildings of mice that have a history.

But there's more: while explaining that the cabin will be demolished to make way for a shopping center, they will realize the gaffe and then brings up the TAV and the Province and other such stories. Forgetting what he just said, seems to be giving to understand that killing is not to make room for another building, but in infrastructure utilities. Damn! You'll want
mica so that people will not be responsible for accurate and indulged in its ambitions? The big mouse will vote this time around, so in a short time, held accountable for these choices, they will, as in the past, the sad face and say, "But we did not know ! , washing consciousness.

The coup de theater, the mouse Gigi the reserve at the end of the interview: fuck! is an ecologist! In fact, today announced that the bricks and rubble of the demolition will be reused.
to Mickey Mouse does not throw anything away - dear readers who attended, without reacting to the destruction of things first and then the minds of mice and mice of this charming town once a minister of the republic now called "dark paesone belt" - it retrieves everything, even the bricks of a demolished farmhouse of the eighteenth century to make room for a box of reinforced concrete.

Forza Gigi, so go ahead, new demolition rat.



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