Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Schwinn Srb 1800 Manual

public school and private vices

Finally a bit 'of truth: it's nice to ignorant!

The utterances of dirty Arcore and the support of his Minister of Education, already known for other exercises, especially oral, giving finally realize what does the government (and a slice of the country) public school, state and equal: a place where you teach those who want different things from the Italian families. Indeed
Italian families - stupid ignorance and twenty years of the worst TV - they want the courses zoccolaggine of velineria, calcium, gait television, makeup and massage, a dip in the pool with jacuzzi, tronismo, of licking and brand recognition. Mica
want for their children education and education to help them thrive and get ahead in life, according to beg these fixations are deviated from teachers, who will not follow the brave Italian families.

I think this is really too, to know the teachers and students for their families. But that image credits the Prime Minister? To a country where we must go forward with blows of a pickaxe to dismantle what is still there, so it grows better consensus through ignorant propaganda filled with fake dreams. To a country where just cry and show my ass to get what you want, even after a fleeting passage in TV and / or in the bed of someone who has. Magna magna in a country where everyone can grabbing as I could and it does not matter what you do and who you are, but your ruthlessness and cynicism that exhibits where you can with all arrogant complacency. Teachers are

knackered now, overwhelmed by their autorefenzialità, but also by the continuous attacks of families do not always respect the role of the school and often enchanted by visions of propaganda. When they raise their heads are quickly buried by unnecessary amount of paperwork to fill out and fear that a word too many of them banging on social networks and then in the newspapers that, in accordance with the master, must always demonstrate that it's all bad. They suffer the most, some disengage, others are banging, that is enough to be in place from the bureaucratic point of view. Finally you get it dirty to explain to those among them who had not yet realized that their social function is not a pipe, and that their role is unnecessary, sometimes dannoso.

Gli studenti transitano, le famiglie abbozzano e il sistema educativo dal paese va a picco. Scende nelle classifiche trascinato non dalla scuola statale, ma da quella privata (si vedano gli ultimi test PISA). Quella stessa scuola privata che non aveva ancora subito tagli, ma che comincia a patire di una politica dissennata cominciata dal centrosinistra a cavallo del 2000 e meravigliosamente interpretata da tutti i ministri dell'istruzione che si sono alternati da allora: giù quel che funziona nella scuola statale, su le scuole private, quelle religiose meglio ancora.

Non c'è più tempo: gli insegnanti, le famiglie, gli studenti, le forze politiche, i sindacati, le associazioni imprenditoriali e tutti quelli who care about the future of young generations must raise its head. To see what's wrong and fix it, to rediscover the sense of a social pact for the country's progress, to do away with the sowers of ignorance and those who let us work in peace, sometimes even favoring them with cowardice and cynical political calculation.



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