Thursday, March 10, 2011

Build A Tolerance To Cat Allergies


The reform of justice according to the center-

After years of ad personam laws , tips and tricks to circumvent the trial of the head, right now I do not know what to invent to shed some 'dust in the eyes of an already inflamed the people you are about tearing down all that it deserves.
easy to imagine that tomorrow the interest of the media and opinion leaders will move on key issues for the emergency that we live in: the separation of careers, tapping yes or no, the civil liability of judges, due process, prescription, proscription and who knows cos' more.
Judges fall on a war footing, and proclaim the agitation, the priestesses of the sacred independence of the Judiciary will again animate the streets and conferences in an eternal story that seems to recur as a bloody and endless cycle.
Roundtables, right against left, maybe the center is open to dialogue, even some democratic will find a way to strut dalemianamente explaining that "'s time to put a gag on some of the judges exaggeration" and that "we must not be prejudiced against proposals to Berlusconi, because he is .

And so on, transmission in the congregation, in the event, dissertations, in appeals to address the real problems of the country. Forget all the Maghreb on fire, thousands of immigrants arriving on the shores Italic unmade and unnamed victims who do not make it free to cross the Mediterranean. Forget also that the dirty old man uses the State for his business, which the opposition has left to do and lets do it now. In fact, whenever it seemed doomed, some wise and post-communist leader has also managed to resuscitate him because "we must unite and not divide .
we forget that people also took to the streets if not called by the parties, otherwise think twice, we're all waiting to give us a call for expressions of opposition long (as in Africa) to give the final push to a situation where we can not anymore.
even forgot the horror of zoccolume, the lelemora, emiliofede of which are rubbing together and they all fuck berlusconi.

We pretend that the country is good, that young people know how to go forward, that the founding values \u200b\u200bof the republic, are firm in our consciences and our ideas.

We pretend we can still allow a government incapable and dangerous as those that failed ex-rich hours - penniless now - continue to frequent the places of the lost wealth as if they were still all right.



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