Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Ship of Fools and the limits of humanity.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan live on television have brought the tragedy into our homes almost without filters, showing the fragility of mankind. Even in that part of humanity, being accustomed to disasters, has made the safety culture and its belief the main theme of collective life in individuals.
The fact is that there are limits - these dreadful disasters remind us - except that too many people pretend not to know: you can not build where you should not, the shock can happen more stronger than the others, even when all goes well could go from one currency to another all bad, even the most secure systems are only in ordinary conditions. The man is not god, and if it be under the illusion, it just makes it more painful the fall, the terrible confrontation between the claim of infallibility and the fallibility of his actions.
do not need to be faithful to hear how dangerous the ability to give objective increasingly looking to the future, without knowing how you could do in return, if it proves unsuccessful.
We can not imagine that the development to proceed uninterrupted and without damage, as if it were a religion that already has all the answers to fundamental questions man. Even if there is not the kind to give us, is a fact of civilization to arise and make it far before it's contingency or disaster to do so.

This is the nuclear beyond all threads, not good to give our future infernal machines that no one knows how to shut down and rendered harmless.

woman must be limits, because there are in nature and within our reach. We must take the limits to stimulate our ability to solve complex problems with the help of intelligence and modesty of one who knows that an earthquake can wipe out everything in an instant, even obscure the face slapping and all of Chicco Testa those which - converted to nuclear power After years of professionalism on the other side - if they go on television to explain why they are right, with dalemiana pomposity and no shame.



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