Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cervical Mucus Chuncky

Anna I still want to talk about Don Mario Mencaraglia

Lessi con gioia e commozione quanto scrisse sulla Cronaca libera (foglio telematico) i primi giorni del mese di gennaio del 2010 Giuseppe Vezzoni su don Mario Mencaraglia, a priest whom I met when held in the hall of Mercy, Seravezza, in the days when it was ruled by 'unforgettable Dr. Louis Santini, brilliant lectures on the sacred, which is dedicated, obtaining master works, great artists born in the past in the town of Stazzema. In truth the first time I saw him in Volegno when, in August 1988 was celebrated the centenary of that small town high bell tower of Versilia. On the evening of August 24 the past there with my family and it was a fantastic evening, as a glimpse of the program of events titled "Music as a word," sang the tenor Giancarlo Deri, they performed the composer Massimiliano Grazzini, and also a young guitarist I can not remember the name. Then danced dream Enrica Salvatori and poems were read by the poets present themselves, among which the president pro tempore of the Academy of Rock Victorian Orlando and Dawn Breslin brilliant and Edward Bankers Association.
The audience was welcomed with great affection and generosity were offered homemade cookies and wine. I remember the happy expression of the man who poured me a little glass of wine that just before had given me. "The I serve, I serve it," he repeated, while I was trying to do everything myself. This elegant warm welcome and generous, even if you think about the fact that all the shows being offered for free hit me, enough to make me think that Volegno, next to their parish priest, Father Mario was truly exceptional people. Of that beautiful evening of celebration as well as maintaining a beautiful memory in my heart, I was left with the precious coin, which I bought on that occasion, which was minted to commemorate the one hundred years to the posterity of the bell tower. They were men of our mountains to want this tower and it was very hard work that took place to build it. Because they wanted the sweet sound of bells alerting the faithful to come together to celebrate the holidays parish that always cheer the hearts of the village community and to pray in God's house during the feasts of the Lord There's also the sound of touch- dead emitted by a bell that invites the faithful to prayer when people feel that their church will be celebrated the Holy Mass in suffrage dell'anina a man came to the end of his earthly journey. I met Don Mario Mencaraglia
even when the band of Seravezza, which were part two of my dear friends, and Mario Alberto Benti Tarabella, really great players are the Benti trombone and the saxophone and clarinet Tarabella, sadly missing in recent years, he made a concert in front of the Church of Plum. Don Mario was doing the honors. After the concert the musicians were offered delicious panzanella, focaccia and pizza and soft drinks.
From my parish priest Don Nino Guidi was born in Plum I knew that Don Mario lives still on the mountain of Ripa. I still want to thank Don Mario at the high priestly office held for the benefit of the citizens of the Versilia that surely will never forget it. Even if you don Mencaraglia
Maria is no longer their pastor at the heart of this priest is and always will be full of divine love of God our Merciful Father.


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