Friday, March 11, 2011



Chiampo reinvent the wheel and provides for the end of the PD!

This morning the papers are full of expressions of Chiamparino (and subsequent comments) about his party, the Democratic Party.
In essence, the mayor of Turin claims that the PD, as it is, has no future and that it sees great opportunity to reform it to make it more suitable to build a modern alternative to the center. What is most dramatic is that the PD is culturally incapable of accepting the challenge to modernize Italy and build a decent future for our country sfibrato.Questa summary is a bit 'arbitrary, but I think that accounts of thought Chiampo.
This is the discovery of hot water, has long been his party is. This is the way in which it was founded (the merger of two political forces in crisis and new party with no rules, cards and newly elected leaders , confused where everything is confused with its opposite, and leaders in Capetti organize current and cliques), it is for as he continued his journey.

The and even how he created the Renzi, the Serracchiani, fake youth who have never really worked in their lives if not in the offices of their political leaders, the old fixed, the fans in place of political debate, the campaign billionaire, the ease in applications, the smokiness of the language as opposed to the brutality of many of their elected political operator. Especially the adoption of languages \u200b\u200band practices borrowed from organized crime: marginalization of dissent, even persecution of those who dare to criticize staff, demonization of opponents, threatening behavior allusion to control its troops, ease excessive in managing public affairs. They are all so
demos? Of course not, but it is a fact that gradually go away from the party those who do not want to subject themselves to this kind of politics, who do not share this place with the participation of mere membership in a consortium rather than another. So, even those who administer well, who respects his opponents, trying to interpret its role democratically, ends up being isolated, a white fly in a context of sharks and sharks. The intuition of the Olive
first and then the PD had led even a loner like me to decide to spend time and energy to really do something new in this country.
I supported the Greens in the decision to set up the first olive tree (with the PDS and popularity), as I was convinced that what was needed for our country. The voters have rewarded and have undermined D'Alema and Bertinotti (there was also Vendola) making a historical mistake, which we have forgotten Italian too quickly. Then, after much too much, time on PD, which was to take back his inheritance.
Despite the concerns, during the formation of the PD I spent to set up an area that characterize this part for their foresight in terms of economy, ecology and morality: we were still vomited before the game began, there have been bad, but today I'm happy.

Ha ragione il Chiampa: questo PD non andrà lontano e non si vede come possa rapidamente cambiare e bene. Resta il problema di come fare a costruire un'alternativa per questo paese e che strada prendere. Non credo che sia solo quella che propone lui, fatta di opere di dubbia utilità usate come clave per colpire chi ha buone ragioni per dubitare, di decisionismo da scorciatoia, quello che pretende di risolvere problemi complessi con ricette da fast food, di disinvolte mitragliate sul quartier generale di cui si fa parte, da cui si proviene e che sta alla base di buona parte del proprio successo.

E se lo dico io che i partiti non li ho mai sopportati...



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