Monday, March 14, 2011

Does Chicken Broth In A Can Really Expire


BANKS: The usual rules by intolerant of ABI

Rome, March 14 - "The usual impatience with the rules by ABI. Commented, Massimiliano Dona reaction manifested by the Italian Banking after the announcement of the Guarantor for the control of prices of an investigation into the commission on cash withdrawals.

According to the Secretary General of the National Consumers (UNC), "state, as has the ABI, that 'the investigation of conduct clearly abusive, it is aimed to introduce new restrictions on the operational the banking system 'is yet another missed opportunity to demonstrate the ABI will contribute to removing constraints that the same system introduced and perseverance to maintain, to the detriment of consumers. "

"E 'shameless on the part of lenders to charge for three to withdraw their money € says the lawyer-Dona-because remember that the deposit of this money allows banks to use it at rates profitable in practice without recognizing any compensation to depositors. "

"We would have expected-claims-Donate a more cooperative attitude by the Association led by Joseph Mussari to enter into a dialogue to find solutions appropriate to encourage the use of plastic cards, not to mention respect for consumers and their savings. "

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