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Forced To Go Barefoot

The massacre of St.

At dawn on August 12, 1944 several trucks carrying hundreds of SS (300 to 500) in black suit, armed to the teeth, came to Valdicastello in Pietrasanta, and from there the soldiers, in long rows, distance of four to five meters of each other, scrambling to reach St. Anne, a group of houses scattered on the mountains of Versilia, where many refugees were displaced from Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and other locations Versilia. There are also those of Livorno and La Spezia. Another column of SS who had begun to rise up from the valley of St. Anne Vezza Farnocchia got to split into two teams. In this way, Germans, by implementing an encirclement maneuver, there came from two different points, from the mouth of a task and the other just by Farnocchia. To tighten the vise Monte Ornate move another column of soldiers.

So far this is the beginning of the criminal attack against the people of St. Anna, told in books published before the trial took place against the celebration of the 10th SS who participated in the massacre. From the statement of the accused former SS Ignaz Alois Lipper found that, on the morning of August 12, 1944, he was ordered to go get ammo for the machine gun on the truck which is about 500 meters from the soldiers. Since that time there was no way road to reach both Farnocchia that St. Anna, it appears that the location where it was left autocarrro could only be the village of Mill Stazzema.

It is from Mill Stazzema who began the slaughter of innocent Vezzoni well described by Joseph in his first book "swastika in the channel and the second entitled" A priest helpless in a story in the middle - Don Giuseppe Gospel and his memorial. "
That morning, while passing by the Germans to reach St. Anne Mills, were noticed by the parish priest Don Fiore Menguzzato. On seeing the German soldiers as they approached the church, the priest thought he wanted him, then tried to draw the attention of the military. He jumped from a window to escape into the woods. Reached the trail was killed by a volley of shots of gunfire. Immediately after the rectory was set on fire also, after he was killed the father of Don Menguzzato, Antonio, aged 65, his sister Teresa (36 years), the sister Claudina Sirocchi (28 years), nieces and Elena Colombini Columbine Graziella Menguzzato, respectively 13 years and one year and six months. After completing this carnage German soldiers continued their march to arrive at St. Anna.

But why was killed Don Fiore Menguzzato and with him all his family? Who was Don Fiore? The priest was suspected of keeping relations with partisans. He also spoke of an attempt made to get him to establish a peace between the partisans and the Germans. Certainly he was moved from the priestly office that led him also to receive, in his parish, the members of the German patrol attacked by partisans when it went up July 31, 1944 in order to notify Farnocchia displaced people in the country issued by the command of German troops operating in Versilia. The priest did all the first aid to the wounded, so that they receive a written statement in German, and was invited to observe those who read the pastor and his family considered worthy Germanic army. Born in San Benedetto di Cascina (PI) when he was killed was twenty-eight years. His family came from Trentino Alto Adige. In 1942 he was called up and enlisted as a chaplain. After the armistice of 8 September 1943 was captured by the Germans who started in a concentration camp in Germany, from where he could go home.
around St. Anne's for a while 'time partisans were stationed, refraining from any act of insurgency in that location, not to endanger the population, that it might suffer through no fault of the violent reprisals of the Nazis. It is possible that they had thought that the locals as well as internally displaced persons (who suffered from hunger and found it hard to survive) potessero essere in qualche modo di aiuto ai partigiani. Sta di fatto che quando i tedeschi intimarono agli abitanti di Sant’Anna di sfollare a Sala Baganza, in provincia di Parma, tutti lasciarono le loro abitazioni per rifugiarsi nelle zone vicine per poi ritornare a casa quando si diffuse la notizia che il pericolo era scongiurato. Anziché raggiungere Sala Baganza preferirono rimanere abbarbicati su quel monte, anche se la vita d’ogni giorno era durissima.

Prima dell’eccidio tutti i giorni i ragazzi più grandi volgevano i loro sguardi in direzione di Pisa, dove i tedeschi avevano fermato l’avanzata delle truppe alleate; dalle cortine fumogene e dall’esplosione delle cannonate cercavano di capire i movimenti del fronte. Ma proprio in quei giorni i tedeschi si prepararono a compiere un’azione d’inaudita violenza contro la pacifica popolazione di Sant’Anna, forse convinti, a torto, che la zona fosse piena di partigiani. Intanto, il 29 luglio 1944, dopo l’ordine di sfollamento dei tedeschi, il Comando delle “Brigate d’assalto Garibaldi” con un foglio dattiloscritto, visto da molte persone affisso sulla porta della bottega esistente sul piazzale della chiesa di Sant’Anna, sprovvisto di qualsiasi firma, invitò le donne, i vecchi e i bambini a non obbedire all’ordine dei tedeschi, incitandoli a effettuare una sorta di resistenza passiva. Gli uomini erano esortati ad armarsi sia col fucile da caccia that a pitchfork.
This paper, then stored for a long time by Don Giuseppe Vangelisti, it was shown, some years later, by Alderano Vecoli Capezzano, nell'eccidio who had lost two sons, Renato Bonuccelli, author of "Fifty years ago in Versilia , a book that tells the criminal deeds of the Germans, whose small Bonuccelli August 12, 1944 was an eyewitness, seeing as it was also murdered his mother and other close family members and loved ones.
It was so tragic that it came at the dawn of August 12, 1944. When the soldiers arrived there with swastikas, the partisans had left St. Anna for several days. A Valdicastello, the first thing the Germans did before starting to climb to St. Anna, was to impose by force on other people to follow them to carry, loaded on the shoulders, heavy boxes of ammunition. With the butts of their rifles, the Germans knocked on doors of houses, thus indicating that they are prepared even to kill if someone had refused to give them the support required. Upon arriving at St. Anna

a soldier with the gun fired a red rocket. From the mouth of Mosceta task and got up to two more rockets in the sky, the signal was set to launch the attack. When people saw the SS to get so many, the men had barely time to flee into the nearby woods, in the country were only women, the elderly and children. It was the women to put tables outside their homes, laid with bread, water and wine to be offered to the Germans at the time of their arrival. The family members of small

Renato Bonuccelli and himself were taken out of the house and force were driven, along with other people in a room on the ground floor of a nearby house that was closed out. In the throes of a major terror those poor people did not know what to do. Suddenly a soldier broke the window panes in the middle of the room and threw two hand grenades. Suddenly the door was open, so those poor wretches saw a machine gun ready to fire against them. The mother of the little Renato immediately took her child by the hand and led him in the wooden ladder to bring him upstairs. In doing so saved his life. Those were his last words he said to the son. "I'm going to take the grandmother Ida and away", but did not see the baby no longer appear. The small
heard repeated shocks and strong bursts of grenades that did jump the old floor, while the air became stifling the dust and the acrid smell of smoke. It was a real massacre with the use of flamethrowers.

in turn see these lethal devices in close proximity to other houses women who lived there thought they only wanted to burn the houses, as they did in Farnocchia twelve days before, so much so that they began to pull out the furniture and household goods in an attempt to save them. But now the SS showed their true intentions, putting to shoot wildly against the unbelieving people who, without words, fell to the ground lifeless. They shot well against the beasts who were in the stables. They had no mercy for anyone. A group of people was pushed with the butts of their rifles in the church. On those poor people were thrown hand grenades and machine guns unloaded. "Kaput! Kaput! All kaputt! "Screamed the SS, while the bodies of the victims were hit by the fire of the flamethrower. Surprise to a pregnant woman in her home, her belly was quartered and the unborn child (almost complete) was fired a gunshot to his temple. This vision appeared before the eyes of Elio Toaff, who was the only rabbi in Versilia partisan, when, the day after the massacre at Sant'Anna di Stazzema salts.
In the room where his mother where he had accompanied to her little son, they saw that there was also his cousin, Alfredo Graziani and three women who were huddled in a corner to avoid being reached by bullets coming from the outside. On the bed lay two dead women, a grandmother Zaira Lasu was probably after being injured at the beginning of the attack the soldiers had managed to go upstairs. Some bullets shatter the glass of the window. When not heard più il crepitio delle armi Alfredo Graziani si avvicinò al bambino dicendogli: “Dobbiamo uscire. Sai dove andare?”. “Sì lo so, devo scendere giù nel canalone, dove c’è il mio babbo che si è rifugiato in una grotta insieme a mio zio. A questo punto l’uomo tolse i mobili che aveva messo sopra la botola e l’aprì. Fece le ultime raccomandazioni. “Qualunque cosa tu veda, anche la mamma morta, non ti devi fermare, non devi piangere, devi correre in silenzio da tuo padre”. Sceso al piano terra il piccolo Renato vide la stanza piena di tanti corpi senza vita. Riconobbe suo nonno Angelo, in fondo alla scala giaceva quello di sua madre. Il bambino la chiamò e la tocco inutilmente, view took her purse and fled toward the canyon. Out of found his way barred by a flamethrower, and came back around and rolled over to go around. Also entered the nearby houses to find a way out. Dead and blood everywhere. There was no other solution was to go from there. It took courage, went behind the hard-throwers and finally ran down into the canyon. Make his way in among the tall ferns lost the trail.
At that point he began to call his father strong. Some of the soldiers heard him and began to shoot in his direction. He heard the bullets whizzing over his head and small branches broken by the bullets fell around him. Finally he saw the bushes sprout suo padre che gli fece cenno di tacere e di andare da lui. I soldati non udendolo più pensarono di averlo colpito, quindi se ne andarono.

Nella grotta ritrovò suo zio Amerigo. Il bambino continuava a piangere. Suo padre credendo che il piccolo avesse fame tentò di confortarlo dicendogli che fra poco sarebbe arrivata la mamma col mangiare. Udite queste parole dagli occhi del bambino uscirono fiumi di lacrime, non riuscì più a parlare. Dopo diverso tempo sentirono la voce del nonno Nello che chiamava suo padre. Usciti fuori dalla grotta lo videro con la camicia tutta macchiata di sangue. Rinchiuso nella stanza dov'era stata fatta la carneficina era finito sotto un mucchio di cadaveri e, miracolosamente, era rimasto illeso. Alla vista dei superstiti della strage il nonno Nello allargò le braccia e con un filo di voce disse: “Tutti morti. Sono tutti morti.” Il 12 agosto 1944 il bambino Renato Bonuccelli vide uccidere sua madre Rosa Cesarini Guidi in Bonuccelli, il nonno materno Angelo Guidi; la nonna materna Ida Pierotti nei Guidi, e l’altra nonna Zaira Pierotti nei Bonuccelli.

Furono cento i bambini uccisi; una femminuccia, la creatura più piccola, aveva appena venti giorni. Molte persone finirono bruciate vive insieme ai loro cari. Don Innocenzo Lazzeri, il parroco di Farnocchia che era sfollato nella canonica di Sant’Anna, la mattina del 12 agosto aveva appena finito di celebrare la Santa Messa, quando s’accorse che stavano per arrivare i tedeschi. The father begged him to flee with him into the forest, did not want to listen. Strong Christian faith that animated him, began to comfort the people around. The fact of being a priest led him to believe that the Germans would have respected and thought maybe, with his presence, to be able to prevent the massacre, but was not heard and he was also martyred. While standing was blessing the bodies of people killed, was seized by two SS men who dragged him around the church and bell tower. When it was reported in the square, he stooped to bless the broken little body of a child a few months. While doing the sign of the cross was riddled by a volley of shots, and his body was thrown on the pyre, where he burned along with those other victims massacred in the church. Behind the sacred building of St. Anna, the Germans also killed the eight men who were brought up there, the boxes full of ammunition.

On the feast day of St. Chiara some SS soldiers preferred not to be complicit in this barbarism, which is why, instead of participating in the carnage, without being seen by fellow soldiers, unloaded the blows of their guns against certain animals, making believe he had participated in the massacre. In this way, some inhabitants of St. Anne managed to escape.

A woman, Genny Bibolotti Marsili, locked in a barn with a lot of other desperate people, screaming, hid her baby for six years between two large boulders that are located behind the front door. All died, hit by bursts of machine guns and fire throwers. Only the baby survived. The creature from its hiding place she saw her mother, head wound and dripping blood, in the moment, to distract an SS in order not to her the child, threw a base in the face of the soldier who went to shoot those poor people already dying. German, surprised by the reaction of the woman, she responded by shooting at the last volley of shots, then walked away.

With this heroic mother managed to save her child that it is only after eight hours spent after the massacre, a man pulled out of the barn. The child, blackened by smoke, had third degree burns on the body, reported to have remained near the door while it was burning. To heal needed medical treatment, which lasted eighteen months. Escaped the massacre even a few people who remained unharmed in the bodies of relatives killed, pretended to be dead with them. When the SS ridiscesero downstream at St. Anne were the remains of 560 people, including children, elderly and women mercilessly slaughtered by wild beasts in human form.

The first to reach St. Anna, perhaps the same afternoon in which the massacre took place, with smoke still rising from burning houses in a vain attempt di portare aiuto, fu il parroco di La Culla, don Giuseppe Vangelisti, accompagnato da alcuni parrocchiani.
Arrivato sulla piazza della chiesa il gruppetto vide davanti ai loro i resti di ossa umane bruciate. Dalla conta dei teschi risultò che le vittime lì trucidate furono 132. Altri 17 resti furono contati al Colle; 22 a Coletti, 17 lungo il sentiero che da Coletti va al Molino e 3 nel bosco. Per le persone bruciate dentro le case non fu possibile neppure conoscere il numero approssimativo. Fu don Giuseppe Vangelisti a recarsi presso il Comando tedesco da cui ottenne l’autorizzazione per la sepoltura dei resti delle vittime.
Quella del 12 agosto 1944 fu, salvo smentite, la più grande strage degli innocenti compiuta dalle S.S. in Italia durante la seconda guerra mondiale.
La strage di Sant’Anna, raccontata sui libri di Giorgio Giannelli, Lodovico Gierut, Renato Bonuccelli e Giuseppe Vezzoni, e su diversi articoli pubblicati sul periodico Versilia Oggi e su altri quotidiani nazionali, dove si parla anche delle testimonianze dei pochi sopravvissuti alla spaventosa strage degli innocenti, a distanza di più di 60 anni fa ancora rabbrividire. L’orrore che ancora suscita è immenso.
Dopo diversi decenni, quando finalmente si aprirono gli “armadi della vergogna” e fu possibile prendere visione dei documenti relativi alla strage di Sant’Anna, si apprese che essa fu compiuta dalla 5 ^ Compagnia del II Btl del 35° Rgt. della 16^ SS Grenadier Division, made up of young volunteers, aged 16 to 20 years, under the command of Captain Austrian Anton Galler, not by Major Walter Reder, long suspected of having participated in and directed that action criminal. On 31 October 1951 the military court sentenced to life in Bologna and to degradation military Major Walter Reder, the massacres committed in the province of Bologna and other places, and for the killing of a Bardine S. Terenzo (Lunigiana) of the 53 civilians rounded up in the area of \u200b\u200bValdicastello August 12, 1944, but acquitted him for lack of evidence "from the charge of having taken part in the massacre of Sant'Anna. The infamous Captain Galler, who After the war he went to work in a uranium mine in Canada, died in Spain in 1995, with murder. This was a war criminal who had the nerve to talk to their superiors that August 12, 1944, to Anne, his unit had killed 270 supporters.
With the decision of the Military Tribunal of La Spezia on 22 June 2005 was imposed life imprisonment to 10 former SS guilty of having participated in the massacre. From this ruling that helped to determine any cause of action in retaliation against the people of St. Anne. Basically it was a planned extermination of defenseless citizens. Not evidence emerged that some Italian adhering to CSR may have you participated wearing the uniform of the SS, even though the immediate postwar period, circulated to some testimonies of survivors of the massacre that among the perpetrators, there were even a few fascist zone. Also circulated the names, but in the course of the defendants listened in class or letters rogatory have never confirmed this hypothesis.
Unfortunately, most Italians, wearing the camouflage of the SS and the masked face, took part in the horrible massacre.
For many years, for love of country, I always thought that the horrible massacre in St. Anna, committed by the German SS on 12.8.1944 had not participated in the Italian fascists in disguise, who had joined the Italian Social Republic was founded by Benito Mussolini After his release from a free field, dressed in camouflage fatigues, the same as those of the German SS and their faces covered by nets to avoid recognition. In the absence of certain elements relating to participation in this massacre of Italian fascists also, I refrained, in my first story, from speaking.
confess to having committed a serious mistake not to have explored this topic. Really it seemed unthinkable that this horrible massacre of the Italians had also participated.
Unfortunately, from reading the following books:

- Versilia the massacre of the innocents by Giorgio Giannelli

In this book we read the testimony of Ennio Navarri which was put by the Nazis in the group of children che furono rinchiusi in una stalla. Quando la porta fu riaperta, delle S.S. presero delle mucche. Fu proprio quando un componente di questo gruppo trascinava fuori una mucca che il piccolo Navarri lo sentì gridare “ Dai mora “. Il Navarri rimase colpito da questa frase detta in chiaro dialetto versiliese. Quando per l'ultima volta la stalla fu riaperta, i tedeschi gettarono in mezzo a quei ragazzi bombe a mano, Ennio Navarri, che stava in fondo alla stalla vicino alla greppia, riusci a spiccare dei salti sopra le bombe prima che esplodessero, riuscendo così a salvarsi.

- Un prete indifeso in una storia a metà- Don Giuseppe Vangelisti e il suo memoriale , scritto da Giuseppe Vezzoni e finito di stampare nel mese di novemre 2006 ..

In relation to the presence in St. Anna on the day of the massacre of Italians and Fascists Vezzoni Joseph spoke of the memorial written by Father Joseph, who said a certain Joseph Pardini, he heard a soldier say when he was killing a cow, "you're not shows dead yet, in strictly local terms. " Also in his memorial
Vangelisti has entered the Don told him the day after the massacre of his father Don Innocenzo Lazzerri: "Do you know who was there? So and so, the 'acknowledged Valdicastello while my brother took off the mask now thinking away from everyone. " The

santannina Cesira Pardini during the trial confirmed the SS in the classroom shooting his mother was an Italian, definitely.

interview given to The Nation on 13.4.2002, Ennio Haun who was three years old when the massacre took place, and that was with her grandmother in Sennari, told how she had said when Germans arrived in the village including there were also Italians, the first arrivals were in uniform while the second group who arrived had their faces masked. The Germans arrived just begins to bring out people from their homes. At that moment one of them said to his grandmother "move you to kick him.." Then an officer arrived and ordered him to bring the German people of Sennari Valdicastello.
Basically from this interview is che gli abitanti di Sennari furono graziati perché sembrerebbe che in quella località c'era qualcuno che aveva lavorato coi tedeschi.

In merito alla denuncia della strage, ci sono le testimonianze rese in sede dibattimentale di Lidia Pardini,Renato Bonuccelli, Angelo Berretti. Marietta Mancini, Arnaldo Bertolucci e Ettore Salvatori, quest'ultimo riconobbe , che tra i tre italiani che con i tedeschi uccisero la gente in località Colle, c'era un un tale Giuseppe Ricci, che in un confronto presso la pretura di Pietrasanta avvenuto nel dopoguerra ammise di aver partecipato alla strage perché fu minacciato di mortedai tedeschi
Due pietrasantini, Francesco Gatti ed Egisto Cipriani, furono riconosciuti dal fratello dell'ex Nicola partisan Badalacchi between the SS Italian in Lucca that escorted the column of civilians rounded up to the Valdicastello 12.8.1944. Here I stop, because the discourse on the Italians who participated in the horrible massacre is still long, which is why those who want to delve into this tragic time, you may do so by reading the book Vezzoni.

A massacre in the time of Louis Gierut

Gierut also reported in his book the testimony of Nicholas Badalacchi, which was also the Vezzoni, Geirut also published his work in the many testimonials received in writing made by former partisans , 5 who survived the massacre, and politicians also came to occupy the highest positions in the Stato, di pittori e scultori e di famosi scrittori e giornalisti.

Concludo col citare il libro sulla strage di S.Anna, scritto dallo storico professore Paolo Pezzino ( nominato dal PM consulente tecnico del processo celebrato contro le SS) dell'università di Pisa, il quale riporta numerose testimonianze dalle quali risulta evidente che fra le SS che commisero la strage c'erano anche diversi italiani che furono uditi parlare nella nostra parlata durante l'orrenda strage. Le frasi udite sono state tutte riportate nel libro dello storico professor Pezzino..

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Does Chicken Broth In A Can Really Expire


BANKS: The usual rules by intolerant of ABI

Rome, March 14 - "The usual impatience with the rules by ABI. Commented, Massimiliano Dona reaction manifested by the Italian Banking after the announcement of the Guarantor for the control of prices of an investigation into the commission on cash withdrawals.

According to the Secretary General of the National Consumers (UNC), "state, as has the ABI, that 'the investigation of conduct clearly abusive, it is aimed to introduce new restrictions on the operational the banking system 'is yet another missed opportunity to demonstrate the ABI will contribute to removing constraints that the same system introduced and perseverance to maintain, to the detriment of consumers. "

"E 'shameless on the part of lenders to charge for three to withdraw their money € says the lawyer-Dona-because remember that the deposit of this money allows banks to use it at rates profitable in practice without recognizing any compensation to depositors. "

"We would have expected-claims-Donate a more cooperative attitude by the Association led by Joseph Mussari to enter into a dialogue to find solutions appropriate to encourage the use of plastic cards, not to mention respect for consumers and their savings. "

Press National Union of Consumers

Sonia Galardo - Tel 06.3269531

Press Equa

Camilla Morabito - Tel 06.3236254

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Cervical Mucus Chuncky

Anna I still want to talk about Don Mario Mencaraglia

Lessi con gioia e commozione quanto scrisse sulla Cronaca libera (foglio telematico) i primi giorni del mese di gennaio del 2010 Giuseppe Vezzoni su don Mario Mencaraglia, a priest whom I met when held in the hall of Mercy, Seravezza, in the days when it was ruled by 'unforgettable Dr. Louis Santini, brilliant lectures on the sacred, which is dedicated, obtaining master works, great artists born in the past in the town of Stazzema. In truth the first time I saw him in Volegno when, in August 1988 was celebrated the centenary of that small town high bell tower of Versilia. On the evening of August 24 the past there with my family and it was a fantastic evening, as a glimpse of the program of events titled "Music as a word," sang the tenor Giancarlo Deri, they performed the composer Massimiliano Grazzini, and also a young guitarist I can not remember the name. Then danced dream Enrica Salvatori and poems were read by the poets present themselves, among which the president pro tempore of the Academy of Rock Victorian Orlando and Dawn Breslin brilliant and Edward Bankers Association.
The audience was welcomed with great affection and generosity were offered homemade cookies and wine. I remember the happy expression of the man who poured me a little glass of wine that just before had given me. "The I serve, I serve it," he repeated, while I was trying to do everything myself. This elegant warm welcome and generous, even if you think about the fact that all the shows being offered for free hit me, enough to make me think that Volegno, next to their parish priest, Father Mario was truly exceptional people. Of that beautiful evening of celebration as well as maintaining a beautiful memory in my heart, I was left with the precious coin, which I bought on that occasion, which was minted to commemorate the one hundred years to the posterity of the bell tower. They were men of our mountains to want this tower and it was very hard work that took place to build it. Because they wanted the sweet sound of bells alerting the faithful to come together to celebrate the holidays parish that always cheer the hearts of the village community and to pray in God's house during the feasts of the Lord There's also the sound of touch- dead emitted by a bell that invites the faithful to prayer when people feel that their church will be celebrated the Holy Mass in suffrage dell'anina a man came to the end of his earthly journey. I met Don Mario Mencaraglia
even when the band of Seravezza, which were part two of my dear friends, and Mario Alberto Benti Tarabella, really great players are the Benti trombone and the saxophone and clarinet Tarabella, sadly missing in recent years, he made a concert in front of the Church of Plum. Don Mario was doing the honors. After the concert the musicians were offered delicious panzanella, focaccia and pizza and soft drinks.
From my parish priest Don Nino Guidi was born in Plum I knew that Don Mario lives still on the mountain of Ripa. I still want to thank Don Mario at the high priestly office held for the benefit of the citizens of the Versilia that surely will never forget it. Even if you don Mencaraglia
Maria is no longer their pastor at the heart of this priest is and always will be full of divine love of God our Merciful Father.

Egg White Discharge Before Period


Ship of Fools and the limits of humanity.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan live on television have brought the tragedy into our homes almost without filters, showing the fragility of mankind. Even in that part of humanity, being accustomed to disasters, has made the safety culture and its belief the main theme of collective life in individuals.
The fact is that there are limits - these dreadful disasters remind us - except that too many people pretend not to know: you can not build where you should not, the shock can happen more stronger than the others, even when all goes well could go from one currency to another all bad, even the most secure systems are only in ordinary conditions. The man is not god, and if it be under the illusion, it just makes it more painful the fall, the terrible confrontation between the claim of infallibility and the fallibility of his actions.
do not need to be faithful to hear how dangerous the ability to give objective increasingly looking to the future, without knowing how you could do in return, if it proves unsuccessful.
We can not imagine that the development to proceed uninterrupted and without damage, as if it were a religion that already has all the answers to fundamental questions man. Even if there is not the kind to give us, is a fact of civilization to arise and make it far before it's contingency or disaster to do so.

This is the nuclear beyond all threads, not good to give our future infernal machines that no one knows how to shut down and rendered harmless.

woman must be limits, because there are in nature and within our reach. We must take the limits to stimulate our ability to solve complex problems with the help of intelligence and modesty of one who knows that an earthquake can wipe out everything in an instant, even obscure the face slapping and all of Chicco Testa those which - converted to nuclear power After years of professionalism on the other side - if they go on television to explain why they are right, with dalemiana pomposity and no shame.


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Chiampo reinvent the wheel and provides for the end of the PD!

This morning the papers are full of expressions of Chiamparino (and subsequent comments) about his party, the Democratic Party.
In essence, the mayor of Turin claims that the PD, as it is, has no future and that it sees great opportunity to reform it to make it more suitable to build a modern alternative to the center. What is most dramatic is that the PD is culturally incapable of accepting the challenge to modernize Italy and build a decent future for our country sfibrato.Questa summary is a bit 'arbitrary, but I think that accounts of thought Chiampo.
This is the discovery of hot water, has long been his party is. This is the way in which it was founded (the merger of two political forces in crisis and new party with no rules, cards and newly elected leaders , confused where everything is confused with its opposite, and leaders in Capetti organize current and cliques), it is for as he continued his journey.

The and even how he created the Renzi, the Serracchiani, fake youth who have never really worked in their lives if not in the offices of their political leaders, the old fixed, the fans in place of political debate, the campaign billionaire, the ease in applications, the smokiness of the language as opposed to the brutality of many of their elected political operator. Especially the adoption of languages \u200b\u200band practices borrowed from organized crime: marginalization of dissent, even persecution of those who dare to criticize staff, demonization of opponents, threatening behavior allusion to control its troops, ease excessive in managing public affairs. They are all so
demos? Of course not, but it is a fact that gradually go away from the party those who do not want to subject themselves to this kind of politics, who do not share this place with the participation of mere membership in a consortium rather than another. So, even those who administer well, who respects his opponents, trying to interpret its role democratically, ends up being isolated, a white fly in a context of sharks and sharks. The intuition of the Olive
first and then the PD had led even a loner like me to decide to spend time and energy to really do something new in this country.
I supported the Greens in the decision to set up the first olive tree (with the PDS and popularity), as I was convinced that what was needed for our country. The voters have rewarded and have undermined D'Alema and Bertinotti (there was also Vendola) making a historical mistake, which we have forgotten Italian too quickly. Then, after much too much, time on PD, which was to take back his inheritance.
Despite the concerns, during the formation of the PD I spent to set up an area that characterize this part for their foresight in terms of economy, ecology and morality: we were still vomited before the game began, there have been bad, but today I'm happy.

Ha ragione il Chiampa: questo PD non andrà lontano e non si vede come possa rapidamente cambiare e bene. Resta il problema di come fare a costruire un'alternativa per questo paese e che strada prendere. Non credo che sia solo quella che propone lui, fatta di opere di dubbia utilità usate come clave per colpire chi ha buone ragioni per dubitare, di decisionismo da scorciatoia, quello che pretende di risolvere problemi complessi con ricette da fast food, di disinvolte mitragliate sul quartier generale di cui si fa parte, da cui si proviene e che sta alla base di buona parte del proprio successo.

E se lo dico io che i partiti non li ho mai sopportati...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Build A Tolerance To Cat Allergies


The reform of justice according to the center-

After years of ad personam laws , tips and tricks to circumvent the trial of the head, right now I do not know what to invent to shed some 'dust in the eyes of an already inflamed the people you are about tearing down all that it deserves.
easy to imagine that tomorrow the interest of the media and opinion leaders will move on key issues for the emergency that we live in: the separation of careers, tapping yes or no, the civil liability of judges, due process, prescription, proscription and who knows cos' more.
Judges fall on a war footing, and proclaim the agitation, the priestesses of the sacred independence of the Judiciary will again animate the streets and conferences in an eternal story that seems to recur as a bloody and endless cycle.
Roundtables, right against left, maybe the center is open to dialogue, even some democratic will find a way to strut dalemianamente explaining that "'s time to put a gag on some of the judges exaggeration" and that "we must not be prejudiced against proposals to Berlusconi, because he is .

And so on, transmission in the congregation, in the event, dissertations, in appeals to address the real problems of the country. Forget all the Maghreb on fire, thousands of immigrants arriving on the shores Italic unmade and unnamed victims who do not make it free to cross the Mediterranean. Forget also that the dirty old man uses the State for his business, which the opposition has left to do and lets do it now. In fact, whenever it seemed doomed, some wise and post-communist leader has also managed to resuscitate him because "we must unite and not divide .
we forget that people also took to the streets if not called by the parties, otherwise think twice, we're all waiting to give us a call for expressions of opposition long (as in Africa) to give the final push to a situation where we can not anymore.
even forgot the horror of zoccolume, the lelemora, emiliofede of which are rubbing together and they all fuck berlusconi.

We pretend that the country is good, that young people know how to go forward, that the founding values \u200b\u200bof the republic, are firm in our consciences and our ideas.

We pretend we can still allow a government incapable and dangerous as those that failed ex-rich hours - penniless now - continue to frequent the places of the lost wealth as if they were still all right.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drink Sugar Drink Sharp Pain In Jaw



E 'record for the price of gasoline, which now reaches 1.568 € per liter, exceeding the maximum of € 1.560 reached July 15 2008. For
Casper - Committee against speculation and the savings, which include associations Adoc, Codacons, Mouvement national defense and the National Consumers Union, the result is a new blow to the detriment of Italian consumers.
record gasoline prices, in fact, combined with soaring inflation, will result in a higher expenditure per household for a total of € 1205 on an annual basis: only € 915 for the inflationary pressure, 300 EUR occurred due to high cost of gasoline. For this
Casper asks the Government to give priority to fighting inflation and to take immediate action to curb the bud any attempt to unjustified rise in prices and maintain household budgets. In particular it is essential to block the energy prices throughout 2011, have a cut in excise duty on petrol not less than 5 euro cents per liter, and introduce a mechanism for sterilization of increases in fuel prices.

Cover Letter Forculinary

Two kittens thrown into a dumpster

The news of which we speak, really bad, I learned by reading a poster on display in front of a newsstand a few days ago. The cries of these two small animals have been heard by a passer-by who called for help to a man to get them out of the box. So the two puppies were rescued from a horrible death. This fatto crudele commesso da una persona senza cuore, mi ha fatto ritornare alla luce della mia memoria, quanto constatai nel 1949 quando percorsi, di mattina, l'argine del fiume Versilia che dalla Centrale conduce al Poggione di Ripa di Seravezza. Mentre transitavo vicino ad una fitta siepe, sentii dei rumori anomali che mi fermarono il passo. Incuriosito mi avvicinai alla siepe. Fu così che rilevai che sulla stessa era stato gettato un sacchetto chiuso con dello spago, che si muoveva in continuazione in seguito agli scatti disperati e frenetici di un animale che pensai vi fosse stato messo dentro da qualcuno che voleva liberarsene. Con un coltellino tagliai lo spago e subito, con un balzo, salto fuori un grosso gatto che si allontanò immediatamente dalla zona. It was after the war and there was much unemployment in Versilia and still suffered from hunger. Many men went to make the sand into the river to survive. This always reminded me to remember that cat that I saved his life. I did not write now to justify the miserable behavior committed by man against "the brother cat," as he called S. Francis of Assisi. I always hoped that the animal miraculously escaped death, has not returned to the house of his master, but I have found a good man who has taken with him, giving him the necessary support and love.
The same day I read on the playbill this painful fact, have passed the house where he lived Giuseppe Mazzini, the founder of Young Italy, which they took refuge under a false name when he was a victim of political persecution. Of this great man who in 1827 was affiliated to the Carbonari, only remember what we told him in class, in the thirties (more than 70 years ago) our teacher. They told us that he was a boy Giuseppe Mazzini in picking up a cricket, accidentally broke a paw, that shocked him until he cry of grief that touched this story describes well the whole class, has always remained in my heart.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Cons For Buying And Selling Human Organs


Il bat-figlio della Moratti e l'antro di Robin

La notizia del maxi abuso edilizio del figlio della Moratti potrebbe far sorridere in un paese dove se ne fanno di tutti i colori: da affittopoli a puttanopoli, tutto sembra oramai esser permesso e chi più ne fa più merita considerazione e consenso.
Il rampollo ha comprato cinque capannoni industriali, se li è ristrutturati per farci un mega-loft, dotato di tutti i comforts e delle innovazioni più tecnologiche che ci sono in giro. Così come altri milanesi illustri realizzano il loro personale sogno erotico - modellato sui film porno soft degli anni '70, come " La poliziotta ", " Infermiera at night, "or even" Fiorina the cow, "or" That great piece dell'Ubalda, naked all hot "- the young scion Moratti, with too much money in his pocket and little knowledge, has succeeded to realize his dream of worthy rival of Bat-Man.
The scion is not completely stupid, and realizing that to turn the intended use of premises must pay the charges (they do all the good citizens), has masked all the municipal engineer to visit, peddling its warehouses for commercial and plasterboard walls concealing the works that could not be good for the honest official. So he knew to defraud the City.

That the City Council of which the mayor is in his mamy odor re-election and where she, herself, should enforce state laws and regulations that the City has been given. Certainly its mamy did not know the house of her child, which will never have had, as well as their immediate family are all well placed in Milan that counts, right as left.
not fair to blame the fall on the parents of the children, but to do justice we thought that the architect of the young Moratti, not being paid, has seen fit to denounce the whole.
The impunity of these powerful reach the point of committing irregularities of all kinds, not to pay its employees and, possibly subjecting them to all manner of humiliation, for wonder then that they are not shut up and denounce ... and that the City of mamy be forced to step in with a complaint for breach of good planning.
No fear, my dear illustrious sons and unpunished, a pardon is not denied to anyone. You'll want to mica that begins with you? A few days of "pillory media", then the Italians will forget everything, forgive all.
digest everything.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Straight Shota Free Movies


... the traitors of benefactors

Benigni will be, will be the demands of work, will be the old ... I do not know. But certainly a cursory reading of less Divina Commedia sollecita riflessioni e stimola sentimenti in modo sorprendente, come se la rappresentazione della condizione umana fosse davvero sempre la stessa, immutabile nella sostanza, mutevole solo nella forma attraverso cui si manifesta. Ancora una volta mi è accaduto - raccontando di tutto questo e di altro ancora a creature simpatiche e intelligenti, ma vogliose d'altro - di sentirmi scosso e coinvolto in ragionamenti e bilanci personali senza neppure volerlo.
Questa volta si tratta dei traditori dei benefattori che Dante colloca nell'ultimo girone dell' Inferno, a stretto contatto col culo di Lucifero che ogni tanto emette una scorreggia tossica.  Questa forma di tradimento per Dante è il peggiore the sins of which a human can stain.
I think he is right, even if it is not always easy to separate from the loyalty fidelity.

The first noble sentiment - difficult to follow consistently and almost impossible to practice rigorously - not force you to plot the shoulders of your friends and associates, to be honest with them, always tell it like it is, to warn them if you think they're wrong, advise if your loyalty is less because you have other goals and values \u200b\u200bto be pursued, the loyalty is to the dog to the owner of the subject toward the head, towards the dell'ominicchio chieftain. From human umani, la fedeltà è una brutta bestia, perché è sempre cementata dall'interesse immediato: finito quello la fedeltà si trasforma in tradimento. Sono leali le persone forti e generose, sono fedeli i deboli, gli infingardi e i profittatori.
Tradire i benefattori - vale a dire mancare di lealtà, approfittando della fiducia dell'altro per tradirne lo scopo e la sostanza  -  è una cosa schifosa, che merita davvero la pena che Dante prevede. Mi chiedo se mi sono comportato così con qualcuno, mi rispondo di no, ma credo che sia possibile che anche io abbia inconsapevolmente tradito qualche mio benefattore.

Sono stato benefattore di parecchia gente (lo sono oggi per altri, certamente I will be still), and traitors began to be several, so that they are now a legend for my little gifts of talent scout ( if you choose the wrong person called Turi, thinks he ).
miracle I have a certain amount of mediocre figures that seemed worthy of support and help. Often credited to their new masters have made me free of evil, as turncoats eager to erase the source for new leaders to lick his ass, like real a little upstart 'pathetic. They made excuses and alibis that collapse at the first breath of wind to dignify this volte-face, are those that seek to change it again tomorrow, and that version is heard by those who, in turn, will betray them.
imagine, one day, in close contact with the fetid ass of Lucifer - and forever - I do not mind at all.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Korean Vietnamese Movie.com

of Catholics and the Church's hierarchy

from this blog to " times Fraternity "

February 2, 2011 On the number of the magazine published a piece published on this blog. I've written a lot of pain and then with a little 'hope. I seem to take us, I am proud and happy. Especially
are happy with the talent scout who follows my blog and took a deep discomfort of little faith, but very anxious.
convinced - as I am - that faith is a priceless resource, especially appreciated by those who did not have it, and that the conflict between what we think and we want to be and the harsh reality of the compatibility of this world is often a real obstacle to overcome every day. (Read Blog )

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expiration Date Of Listerine Pocketpaks

EFFETTO LIBIA: stangata per le famiglie da 1200 euro annui

E 'record for inflation in February. According to preliminary estimates by Istat, the national index of consumer prices was up by 2.4% over the same month last year (it was 2.1% in January 2011). A trend is the highest level since November 2008. For
Casper - Committee against speculation and the savings, which include associations ADOC, Codacons, Mouvement national defense and the National Union of Consumers, even if inflation is stopped at this level for the rest of the year, it would be a blow from 915 € per year for an average Italian family. This figure, however, must be added the effect Libya. The increases in pump prices caused the crisis in that country, in fact, will have an impact equal to 300 € per year per family, which added up to € 915 above, will result in a Sting record from 1205 € per year. All that ceteris paribus, ie if the prices of other goods to maintain through 2011 the current trend of increase. Because if instead trigger speculative mechanisms, then the blow would be even greater. For
that Casper asks the Government to give priority to fighting inflation and to take immediate action to curb the bud any attempt to increase prices unreasonably and maintain household budgets. In particular it is essential to block the energy prices throughout 2011, have a cut in excise no less than 5 euro cents per liter, and introduce a mechanism for sterilization of increases in fuel prices.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Schwinn Srb 1800 Manual

public school and private vices

Finally a bit 'of truth: it's nice to ignorant!

The utterances of dirty Arcore and the support of his Minister of Education, already known for other exercises, especially oral, giving finally realize what does the government (and a slice of the country) public school, state and equal: a place where you teach those who want different things from the Italian families. Indeed
Italian families - stupid ignorance and twenty years of the worst TV - they want the courses zoccolaggine of velineria, calcium, gait television, makeup and massage, a dip in the pool with jacuzzi, tronismo, of licking and brand recognition. Mica
want for their children education and education to help them thrive and get ahead in life, according to beg these fixations are deviated from teachers, who will not follow the brave Italian families.

I think this is really too, to know the teachers and students for their families. But that image credits the Prime Minister? To a country where we must go forward with blows of a pickaxe to dismantle what is still there, so it grows better consensus through ignorant propaganda filled with fake dreams. To a country where just cry and show my ass to get what you want, even after a fleeting passage in TV and / or in the bed of someone who has. Magna magna in a country where everyone can grabbing as I could and it does not matter what you do and who you are, but your ruthlessness and cynicism that exhibits where you can with all arrogant complacency. Teachers are

knackered now, overwhelmed by their autorefenzialità, but also by the continuous attacks of families do not always respect the role of the school and often enchanted by visions of propaganda. When they raise their heads are quickly buried by unnecessary amount of paperwork to fill out and fear that a word too many of them banging on social networks and then in the newspapers that, in accordance with the master, must always demonstrate that it's all bad. They suffer the most, some disengage, others are banging, that is enough to be in place from the bureaucratic point of view. Finally you get it dirty to explain to those among them who had not yet realized that their social function is not a pipe, and that their role is unnecessary, sometimes dannoso.

Gli studenti transitano, le famiglie abbozzano e il sistema educativo dal paese va a picco. Scende nelle classifiche trascinato non dalla scuola statale, ma da quella privata (si vedano gli ultimi test PISA). Quella stessa scuola privata che non aveva ancora subito tagli, ma che comincia a patire di una politica dissennata cominciata dal centrosinistra a cavallo del 2000 e meravigliosamente interpretata da tutti i ministri dell'istruzione che si sono alternati da allora: giù quel che funziona nella scuola statale, su le scuole private, quelle religiose meglio ancora.

Non c'è più tempo: gli insegnanti, le famiglie, gli studenti, le forze politiche, i sindacati, le associazioni imprenditoriali e tutti quelli who care about the future of young generations must raise its head. To see what's wrong and fix it, to rediscover the sense of a social pact for the country's progress, to do away with the sowers of ignorance and those who let us work in peace, sometimes even favoring them with cowardice and cynical political calculation.