Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Join Us To Farewell


"At least spare us the Sanremo Festival of bluff televoting. E 'hopes Massimiliano Dona as Secretary General of the National Consumers in the day on which the song event to be held 15 to 19 February 2011.
"We appealed to the President of RAI, Claudio Petruccioli, and the artistic director of the Festival, Gianmarco Mazzi, why do not happen again - continues Dona - the scandals of the past year even when the orchestra rebelled against the televoting operated. We will also deliver our appeal to the Minister of Economic Development, Paolo Romani, and to the President for the Communications Authority (AGCOM), Corrado Calabro, why implement any necessary action to ensure that the combined televoting Festival runs smoothly and does not is only an opportunity to steal users: if you ask the viewer to participate, states Dona, you must ensure that those who decide to remote voting, accurate information on service costs and, above all, clear rules that prevent the use of votes of the call center. Without forgetting that the outcome of the Festival you can also bet, so any outside interference should be avoided "
" Last year, concluded the lawyer-Dona was the orchestra to tear up their scores in protest, this 'year could be the Italians to tear up your subscription Rai. For this, we launched on Facebook a 'Petition for televoting clean' with ten demands. " Here they are:
1. Certain rules: provide a single regulation, valid for all phones and mobiles.
2. NUMBER OF VOTES: must be placed a limit on SMS can be sent by each user.
3. VOTE: A limit of votes within each program.
4. COST: must be clearly explained, and the same for all competitions.
5. STOP CALL CENTER: should exclude calls from consumers for a fee.
6. RESULTS: The results of voting should be made public.
7. TRANSPARENCY: ensuring access to information on receipts from phones and mobiles.
8. CHOICE OF PREPARATION: prohibition to overturn the outcome of the vote.
9. REFUNDS: tracking of votes to secure the repayment.
10. CONTROLS: operations will be a consumer representative.

For more information or to join the campaign you can visit the website or on facebook "Petition for a televoting clean."


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