Friday, January 28, 2011

Implantation Bleeding And Tissue


Rome, January 27 - "Another blasphemy, to stop new TV voting, yet another refund? If it continues to 'Big Brother' would agree permanently block remote voting and leave the fate of competing officially in the hands of the authors, "It 'as said Massimiliano Dona, Secretary General of the National Consumers Union (UNC), claiming yet another case Blasphemy inside the house most spied TV.

"A few hours ago, said Secretary-General shared the Nathan Lelli (between the last and entered into nomination this week) he blasphemed while organizing a joke by the pool with the other tenants. Despite the blasphemous statement has been ignored by the other competitors, the sound leaves no room for doubt and therefore it raises once again the problem of behavior that the production will take against Lelli.

"Nathan will be expelled as has happened with Massimo Scattarella, Peter and Matthew Titone Casnici televoting and will, therefore, again interrupted or the competitor will be pardoned, as in the case of Gwendolyn Tavassi?" Asks Dona adding: "If Lelli Nathan will be punished will be refunded all those who have already voted (Lelli is nominated by Roberto Manfredini and Biagio D'rings) seen last week when the former compensation was announced, thanks to our intervention, for viewers who voted for the readmission of Maximus and took part in the televoting between Peter Titone, Julie and Olivia Lechner Cimettis.

"For the second time this year, concluded the lawyer-Dona is appropriate to say 'stop the tele-voting, on with the remote refund'!"


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