Thursday, January 20, 2011

How To Do Laundry With Herpes


The leopard, but not change its spots: The current balance in the sales period is marked by many irregularities.

"remains a high percentage of retailers that 'wrong' to decorate their windows or continue to be clever." And 'what says the National Consumers Union conducted a video survey in the streets of Rome (the site the video).

In many cases the price of the product is unchanged from before the sales, despite the card showing the percentage of discount. There are some who do not indicate a price tag on forcing the consumer to ask the seller, which in practice may do at its discretion. Finally, there are those who exposes only the price but not in the original balance, or vice versa. The National Union
Reminds consumers that any seller is free to do or not do the sales, but if you make them and put its sign, must follow the rules.

It 'a good idea to keep your receipt for the goods on sale can also be exchanged if defective, within 2 months of discovery and if you find any misconduct and inefficiency is to ask the intervention of local police.


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