Friday, January 21, 2011

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"televoting In terms of more traditional communications service gives way to the profile 'participatory' and this should be taken into account the principle of maximum transparency to the consumer who decides to use it." It 'as said Massimiliano Dona , Secretary General of the National Consumers (UNC), announcing the launch of "clean televoting.

" It 's time to stop-go represented. Dona-democracy with the Buffalo television due to lack of transparency requirements and equality: if the viewer wants to spend his money with remote voting is free to do so, but must be properly informed about the rules of the game, cost and weight will have a preference. "

"We can not accept Dona-goes-it is still possible to make use of a system of sending massive preferences that alter the final result. It is no secret that the outcome of many votes have been determined by the purchase of television packages votes via call center, which is a consumer fraud and a violation of the rules on prize games that exclude the possibility of external intervention that alter the identification of winners. "

"It 's second-Dona-appreciated efforts on this front AGCOM (Authority for Communications) who is studying the regulation of the tele-voting. "

"Meanwhile, the lawyer concluded. Donors, even in view of the Sanremo Festival, the National Union has launched a consumer campaign for the 'televoting clean' with ten demands. " Here they are:

1. Certain rules: provide a single regulation, valid for all phones and mobiles.

2. NUMBER OF VOTES: must be placed a limit on SMS can be sent by each user.

3. VOTE: A limit of votes within each program.

4. COST: must be clearly explained, and the same for all competitions.

5. STOP CALL CENTER: should exclude calls from consumers for a fee.

6. RESULTS: The results of voting should be made public.

7. TRANSPARENCY: ensuring access to information on receipts from phones and mobiles.

8. CHOICE OF PREPARATION: prohibition to overturn the outcome of the vote.

9. REFUNDS: tracking of votes to secure the repayment.

10. CONTROLS: operations must be a consumer representative.


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