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Here's how the partisans took up the stencils of the town of Seravezza

In December 1943, the partisans of Versilia escaped the mimeograph machine that had supplied the town of Seravezza. I learned this news on the job or vocational schools. In those early days I heard that the partisans were to take this action to be able to print leaflets to incite the population Versilia to the partisan struggle in defense of liberty, whether against the Germans who responded with an unprecedented and bloody violence, against Italian soldiers in disarray after Sept. 8, 1943 causing severe bloodshed and mass deportations to concentration camps in Germany, both against the fascists who joined the Italian Social Republic, founded by Mussolini after his release from free field giving now hunting for deserters and draft evaders Classes 1922 - 1923 - 1924 and 1925, which threatened to shoot if they were not submitted within 24 hours of 'March 8, 1944, in accordance with the Decree of 18 February 1944. The Ministry of the Armed Forces of the Social Republic was given at that historic moment is very difficult for the Italians, the Marshal of Italy Rodolfo Graziani.

Not long ago in the visit to Alfieri Tessa, the man who in the late 30 made me dream, as I said in my first article I wrote about him, apart from the book "The gun tied with string", gave me several of his papers, in which he reported the most dramatic episodes that took place during the partisan struggle in Versilia. Among these papers I found one in which he describes in detail the action taken to subtract the mimeograph seravezzino the municipality, which was completed in early December 1943.

Alfieri Tessa, partisan seravezzino constantly Information Officer, was commissioned to ascertain who had a mimeograph machine, considered useful by the partisans for motivation first mentioned. It was he who made sure that the very common Seravezza had supplied this machine, and then decided to make an inspection within the Medici palace, then the town hall to see the office where it was located and then devise a plan to remove it from all'Anninistrazione seravezzina city.

talk to a member of the band From Partisan Oscar Porto, with whom he had done his military service in Pisa. The two agreed that it was necessary to access the inside of the town to see where this was taking desired mimeograph. When they came to Bonci First, that municipal employee and his family occupied an apartment on the ground floor of the Medici palace, they said che desideravano soltanto sapere se erano arrivati certi documenti. Il Bonci li fece entrare proprio nel locale dove videro subito quello che cercavano. Dopo aver guardato su alcune scrivanie e scaffali il Bonci informò i due uomini che i documenti da essi cercati non erano ancora arrivati. Comunque questa scusa aveva funzionato aldilà di ogni aspettativa. Non c'era più alcuna necessità per trattenersi nel palazzo comunale. Alfieri Tessa e il Dal Porto ringraziarono il Bonci e lasciarono il Comune riuscendo, di nascosto, a sottrarre la chiave della serratura della porta di accesso all'ufficio in cui erano entrati.

L'esito di questi accertamenti fu comunicato a Gino Lombardi che subito stabilì che l'azione dei partigiani per portare away from the mimeograph was common to start at 18 of 6 December 1943 with the participation of the commander Lombardi. Alfieri Tessa, who knew people and the environment Seravezza had to remain outside supervision. The palace, the stretch of road from the city center passed and still passes the Medici palace. Luigi Mulargia who had been waiting for Gino Lombardi during military service in Pisa S. Giusto, had observed that the stretch of the road opposite the bridge of the ditches, always goes to the side of the Medici palace in which they had come only Gino Lombardi, Oscar From Port and Piero Consani. 17.30 hours on 6 December, all of these partisans found themselves at the bar ditches designed ready for action e preparata con cura. Appena entrarono nel municipio, rinchiusero il Bonci nell'appartamento da lui abitato. Oscar Dal Porto accompagnò Gino Lombardi nell'ufficio dove veniva tenuto il ciclostile, mentre il Consani rimase di guardia al portone d'ingresso del palazzo comunale, tenuto socchiuso.
Lombardi e Dal Porto strapparono subito i fili telefonici e presero il ciclostile che immediatamente fu portato fuori dal portone che fu aperto dal Consani appena questi udì il rumore dei passi di Gino Lombardi e di Oscar Dal Porto mentre scendevano le scale. In un baleno il ciclostile fu caricato su un carretto coperto con un telo, poi tutti e cinque ritornarono presso la vicina segheria dismessa che c'era nelle vicinanze del Palazzo, al lato della way that leads to the villages of Versilia, where they were returned to Gino Lombardi gave the weapons to his men before the start of the After exchanging greetings with a deal that would have tied the five supporters in good times and bad fate, becoming conduct honest and full of mutual respect, everybody came back, under a light drizzle, to their homes. Gino Lombardi with the wheeled cart, on which in addition to the mimeograph machine, he also had the weapons, attacked the back of his bicycle, accompanied only by the darkness of night, pedal towards Ruosina where he lived.
I must say that I never thought that this foolhardy venture, given the difficult times in which we lived in Italy in 1943, Oscar had participated from the port at that time, was my professor of mathematics at 'start of Seravezza.

finish paying a heartfelt thoughts to Gino Lombardi, founder of the partisan group called "Hunters of the Apuan Alps," shot in Sarzana on 04/21/1944, Piero Consani, a friend of Gino Lombardi and deputy commander of the said armed gang shot a Sarzana , where he was tortured at length, 4 May 1944; Mulargia to Louis who was killed in the month of April 1944, on Mount Gabberi during a gun battle with soldiers of the GNR and the Tenth Flotilla MAS, which, at the Body this young hero, making horrible mutilazioni.Estendo my respects to all Italian partisans who fought and were wounded or killed, or deported to Nazi concentration camps in Germany during the struggle waged everywhere to regain their freedom.

heartfelt thanks I address to Alfieri Tessa, for his gallant conduct in the crystalline and file partisans.


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