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Alfieri Tessa: My Captain

Invited by Alfieri Tessa to visit him at the meeting took place at the funeral of my good friend Prime Giorgi was celebrated on 27.4.2009 in the church of Querceta, I took advantage of a recent visit to the cemetery Seravezza where I buried my parents, to go in his house located at the Dovecote, amid a beautiful garden full of flowers and plants green
Since the late 30 when I was a child I always admired Alfieri a bit 'bigger than me, having seen him several times to attempt to fly model aircraft built by him to soar through the movement of the propeller move coiled connector from old inner tubes for bicycles, when he was testing the square in front of the cemetery Seravezza. Spectacular was the flight that made his small plane in the air rising from the Crescent. Unfortunately, because of limited capacity at charge of the air flight for early the plane crashed between the large pines above the existing family home Landi, which then existed near the church the Santissima Annunziata, blown up by the Todt workers, under the command of a sergeant of the Wehrmacht, with all the houses beyond the river, and the Forge Bridge to those of Riomagno during the tragic summer of 1944.
from that flight of his aircraft launched from the Crescent did not meet most Alfieri Tessa. He was a great pleasure to see him at a conference on "partisan" that was held, in the 90 men of the resistance in the hall of Mercy, at a time when it was governed by the unforgettable passionately Dr. Louis Santini. The conference will be the commander of the partisans of Massa Carrara 1944/45 Peter Judge noted that other elements of Apuan resistance. It was on that occasion that I reminded him that he had always admired it with his small plane that was flying in the early years of his life really made me dream. Seravezza celebrated in 2008 when the great master Narciso League, I sat in the hall of Cinema Theatre Constants, newly renovated, just on a chair next to her. There was talk of good things interesting and made from "young" talented. His father Charles was a brilliant man. When pulling on the street "marmoline" that had collected in the river Serra, invented a device to open the cargo truck he pulled up with a steel wire wound to a small argano. Appena il carrello sbatteva, dopo aver oltrepassato il muretto, contro un ferro, il suo fondo di scatto di apriva, lasciando così cadere al margine della strada le marmoline che poi vendeva a un barrocciaio di Seravezza.
Ho provato una grande gioia nell'esaudire il suo desiderio. La sua casa è piena di quadri molto pregevoli da lui dipinti, uno dei quali è dell’antico rione del Ponticello,dove c'era anche la casa dei miei nonni materni, dove io nacqui, spazzato via dalla guerra e riapparso nel quadro come lo vidi sempre sin da quand’ero bambino. Oltre a bei quadri ha molti libri. Su uno scaffale, troneggia un calco in gesso di un aquila che posa gli artigli a terra dopo un volo forte e ardito nel cielo. Alfieri Tessa, looking man still physically strong and well-bearing age who has, and with a voice remained incredibly young, I read his detailed account of how the action took place when the partisans took over the stencils of the town of Seravezza news in that time I learned at school. For the preparation of this action, promoted and organized by the commander of the partisan Hunters of the Apuan s.tenente Gino Lombardi (gold medal for valor in memory) was the preponderant role that had the same Alfieri then also attended to personally ' Gino Lombardi together at the same company and the partisans Mulargia Luigi, Pietro Dal Porto Consani and Oscar, the latter mio professore di matematica presso l’Avviamento di Seravezza. Poi mi ha parlato del calco in gesso dell’aquila esposta nel suo studio dove ne ha anche uno della sua testa raffigurante l’età giovanile. Tutto quanto mi ha ricordato, nel suo insieme, lo studio che aveva il compianto Danilo Silicani, dove teneva tante preziose opere frutto della sua arte, compresa anche una sua testa scolpita in marmo bianco, nonché libri e disegni a testimonianza della sua vasta ed elevata cultura, così come mi è apparsa essere anche quella di Alfieri Tessa.
Fu il Tessa a modellare il calco dell’aquila tenendo conto delle precise indicazioni fornitegli dalla signora Lombardi, un’opera che poi, fusa in bronzo, venne collocata sulla sommità del sacello, dove riposano i resti dei due figli Dino e Gino Lombardi. Alfieri realizzò il progetto di questa opera monumentale cimiteriale costruita interamente a spese della famiglia Lombardi. Particolare attenzione Alfieri Tessa la dedicò a modellare l’aquila voluta dalla madre dei fratelli Lombardi per onorare anche l’Arma aeronautica nella quale i suoi diletti figli avevano prestato servizio come ufficiali. Alfieri seppe cogliere l’attimo in cui il l’aquila posa i suoi artigli sul monumento funebre, mentre il suo occhi si posano sulle tombe sottostanti. La signora Lombardi rimase molto soddisfatta di questa opera frutto dell'ingegno di Alfieri Tessa.
Durante una notte mani sacrileghe e ignote divelsero e took away from the shrine this beautiful work of Alfieri; do not know when was this serious incident. If the justice of men failed to identify and punish the perpetrators of this barbaric, shameful and repugnant crime, surely the perpetrators will not escape God's law, when their soul will come before God Great was the sorrow that was why Tessa Alfieri incredible theft of the eagle that had shaped with great passion. The work, depicting a bird of prey, put back in place of the stolen, it is certainly different from that which created Alfieri Tessa. I believe that the tomb has shocked even the mother of Gino Lombardi. About
of its audience in Versilia: August 1944 one month of Doom "and" The gun bound with rope, "the latter book, published in 2003, told me that everything he wrote is the fruit of his memory and then written from the heart in good faith, without ever thinking of alter the facts of the events experienced.
When I get ready at the end of our conversation to say goodbye to his wife to return home, she asks me if I had known during my childhood at the Bridge Seravezza Carducci and his wife Aurora was his aunt. After a moment of perplexity, when I first came to mind a certain Carducci who walked with difficulty, leaning on a cane, and who always went around with a buggy pulled by a horse, on which often I climbed into my hands clutching the reins, I was reminded of the couple bound together by close bonds of kinship with the wife of Alfieri. So, suddenly re-appeared before my eyes the image of this elderly couple who saw the last time in the summer of 1944 when they walked arm in arm along the streets of Bridge towards the center of Seravezza, immediately after the explosion of artillery shells that in addition to the sawmill shattered their house. Were some of the Todt workers to operate the detonator to which they attached the wires connected to each bullet located at the base of the walls of their house stood segheria.Dove was only a heap of rubble. I remember the Carducci and Mrs. Aurora destroyed and distorted by pain, red-faced and with tears in his eyes, both continuously repeated these words: "There is no longer our little house, there's our little house ... ".


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