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Francesco Viti - The Poetry of a quarryman in the early 1900s

Francesco Viti, the first in time, a poet and quarryman Versilia, author of the hymn dedicated to St. John, the patron saint of Riomagno, gave us interesting written testimony concerning, among other things, the difficult living conditions of the people of the mountains around Seravezza in early 1900.

He like his father, worked in the quarry as a boy, because, as stated in the poem The Quarryman who wrote in 1902, "sucked the milk, which is not pleased / Dust and the marble quarry worker became instead of being a poet.

Also from this poem, perhaps the first written by him, the judge "too unlikely and difficult is the art of the quarrymen / uncomfortable with that, and penalty / every fiber of his life and every part / estuary is affected by the weight of chain "feel the hardness of the trade, who also loved to become an expert kapok, because it is still in the dark occurred" already marmore splinters all over / shots fly to the proud he leads, "and highlights. with in the concluding lines, "And oh oh cruel misfortune and pain / unfortunately often happens that suddenly / a rock falls and hits him die," the tragic drama that arose the frequent disasters that occurred at that time.
E 'from the poem entitled The cries of the people of the village chapel, written in 1905, that appear harsh and incredible backwardness of the conditions he lived in the mountain community mentioned above, lacks the most basic utilities.
Despite the fact that since they are well past 85 years, some issues of fundamental importance for human life, are still relevant today. Francesco Viti
wanted to pay taxes, even if you are serious for us / that no longer compare / with those of our ancestors.
wanted though, and quite rightly, that public money was well spent as it would have been if they had intended for the construction of works to improve the lives of so many people forced to live in remote and inaccessible and without a midwife and doctor / bbian only the moon and streetlight / mancaci and a school / we are three thousand and some / who does not know is the strange / the doctor is seen / day for a week.
And again Sappian of certain women / who arrived in a bad / they had a midwife for the poor husband. / And so to complain abbian our reasons: like lambs to be born to die like sheep.
With this simple poem, harsh but true, Francesco Viti 85 years ago had the courage to put under accusation the inefficiency of a city administration that is completely lost interest dei diritti e dei bisogni essenziali della comunità montana.
A me sembra anche essere un documento storico da conservare con cura in quanto descrittivo di una vita troppo sofferta da molti versiliesi vissuti in quell'epoca.
Nella lettera, in versi poetici, che da Filettole nel marzo del 1908 inviò alla moglie, Francesco Viti nel descrivere quella località della valle del Serchio dove per un certo periodo di tempo diresse una cava di marmo rosso che fu utilizzato per la costruzione del palazzo della Borsa di Genova, dopo aver manifestato anche il suo apprezzamento per gli abitanti ricchi di fede cristiana, ribadisce la sua fedeltà coniugale, Se mi dovrò molto trattenere / sposa stai certa che ci porto il letto, un comportamento che always increases the love and keeps it together a couple. Funny
the verses with which he ordered the owner of a famous Milanese company half a dozen bottles of liquor, yet on the market today that "I drink every day / and now they are docile / like a lamb / my wife says this and that ".
had tasted liquor in Seravezza one evening, while preparing to go home, recommended by the grocer Benti which the screws said to have an upset stomach. Feel better, the screws sent the unusual request in respect of which received free an entire tape of the product that had digestive properties, especially that he did write another poem of thanksgiving, when I I order and keep it in mind / that I do not want it at all. In fact
assured that the liquor would also drink his workers. Since many years
Kapok / I have not even thought of my workers / struggling much / It 's good people / but bevon ponces and wine, and very often / for drunkenness are very weak / so that the work suffers trouble.
In the poem written in 1912 because his son would read during the Easter trip transfer to Tripoli where he participated in the war against the Turks, Francesco Viti proved to have high sense of duty and discipline, and called her boyfriend to take care not to fatigue , to obey the orders of their superiors of any and able to shoot well and often.
And it's really nice that this language is flowing from the heart of a man engaged in work on durisssimi quarry for over 12 hours a day, where about fifteen boxes were about 100 tons of marble blocks, as he wrote a poem at the bottom of Iniva a friend of his July 14, 1908. an immense effort that nevertheless did not prevent him, in his spare time, to shake his fingers calloused hand of the pen to write what he dictated to his soul as a poet.
In his poetry, not left to the contemplation of the beauties of nature with its flowers, colors and beautiful landscapes bordering the sea in Versilia costantemete are visible to everyone, but focus is placed his poetic creativity only on the aspects of ordinary life, lived among many suffering from humble and strong with his behavior even more ls ennobled our land.

Renato Sacchelli

. This
my article was published in "Dialogue" on the number in September 1990, p.7.
When in December 2002, the director of the monthly Giannini Don Florio, had printed the booklet poems of the quarrymen Francesco Viti, entitled "marble dust", hereinafter referred to his presentation of these writings also include what I had written about twelve years ago. .


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