Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Nuclear safe? There

Intendo parlare delle centrali nucleari, necessary to exploit, in a peaceful manner, the power of the energy derived from uranium fission, which first obtained in 1935, the great scientist Enrico Fermi and his other eminent contributors, a group of scholars remembered by history as the guys Panisperna away. For this exceptional discovery in 1938 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in Fermi. It was the first step in the exploitation of the atom. Then he came with his studies, first of Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the construction of the first atomic bomb. The effects of these devastating bombs dropped by the Americans during the Second World War, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to induce Japan to surrender, since I was a boy, besides me shudder with horror, made me think that this energy, for the good of humanity, should be used only for peaceful purposes.

I must say that I welcomed with pleasure the news of foreign construction of the first nuclear power plants for electricity production in each country had and continues to have an even greater need. During my occasional trips by train to Rome, made in the past, often saw near the train station in Montalto di Castro, a big yard, where he was to rise to a large nuclear power plant. In 1986, unfortunately, exploded at Chernobyl in Ukraine, a nuclear power plant for the production of energy. Hazardous material was released into the atmosphere radioactive, causing numerous deaths and serious damage to the environment and people. Toxic clouds scattered in European skies. Since this disaster began the campaign in Italy against the building of this type of nuclear power plants.

In 1987 there was a referendum that confirmed the will of the Italian people not to build power plants of the species. From then on we had to resort to other means to produce electricity. One thing is certain, coal, oil and nuclear solutions are proved to be dangerous and polluting, as well as lead to conflict between producer countries and nations in their basement does not have the raw materials. On the other hand, the oil coming in at very high prices, requires the solution the problem using alternative energy pathways. I really liked what he said long ago, the Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia in an interview with La Repubblica: "There is no safe nuclear energy, coal is highly polluting and harmful, and only solar energy and wind energy can provide sustainable responses the world's energy problem. " Years ago I read in another newspaper, the great difficulties that we are to find suitable sites for disposal of waste derived from production of nuclear energy. And the many years that must pass to reach that solution (22 thousand years according to Rubbia).

In view of these elements I would hope that in Italy are not nuclear power plants ever built.


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