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Gita in the Maggiolata Sienna

The May 1, 2008 I participated in the trip organized by the Militia of the Immaculata, formed by pious women of the church of Casciavola (PI) which has been parish priest since 1992, Don Nino Drive, which is always a great priest Versilia committed to do good to others, especially the poorest, without distinction of race or skin color. Think to the needy than himself. This priest, born in Plum of Stazzema, when I attend the church seems to me to breathe the air of the land where I was born. Goal of the visit was the town of S. Angelo Cinigiano the border of the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, where there is great house wine "Banfi" that produces the wine "Brunello", famous throughout the world.
Until the Siena train station we arrived on board a bus, then we continued our journey on a steam train, made up of several cars, called the Maggiolata that crossed fertile land with many vineyards. Getting on an old wooden third-class coach was quick to resurface in my mind my first train journey made in 1937 or in 1938 by Querceta Avenza Carrara, when my parents decided to go on a Sunday morning to find Miseglia the family of a sister of my mother who had married a man of that locality.

My father had just returned from Africa North America where he went to work with a team of diggers Seravezza, hired to build the roads of the recently conquered by Mussolini. I can still see the colorful fish that moved in a tank at the center of the square of Carrara and the mule that walked among the olive trees to get home to my aunt.
For many years, starting in 1949, I have traveled on that type of coaches. I remember in particular the puffing steam engines also used by Alta Versilia tramway for transport of passengers and blocks of marble up to the tragic summer of 1944 when the Germans imposed the order of the displaced population, which lasted until the Versilia month Always in September 1944, when fierce battles on earth that begins the realization of Seravezza in particular the mountains and in areas of marine and Cinquale Montignoso that lasted until April 1945. In the Maggiolata get on the train, I saw myself as a child when I stop to admire the Bridge Seravezza these powerful steam engines when stopped in front of the mill Bonci to make the supply of water, guided by two men who appeared before my eyes two real giants. Once in San Angelo

Cinigiano awaited us at the station a fanfare that greeted us playing lively songs. Driven by happiness of these notes we have come to the famous wine cellar "Banfi" where a manager told us that the wine produced from grapes chosen and selected, produced by the cultivation of vines in an area of \u200b\u200b850 hectares. Then he showed us the inside of the plant where I saw large oak barrels, 60 -70 hl and many smaller ones. He described the techniques for elimination, with special machines, less noble substance of the wine we just put in the barrels was immediately sold to buyers from around the world. In that great establishment between endless bottles of wine, barrels and special oak barrels and steel, was to be lost.

lunch, cooked by the women of the local Pro Loco, for all 500 participants in the trip, many also coming from Terni and other places Tuscany, was consummated on large table under a large marquee. Excellent ribollita is that the sausages grilled and very tasty gustose.ed also excellent wine drinking. Once again I thank the president of the Tuscany region of the MI, Mrs. Nara Tani, a resident of Casciavola for organizing this wonderful trip to the Sienna (since I was a child I often heard from my mom say that Siena was the native Italian ) cheered us and the time spent on board the bus playing with great skill Trilussa funny poems, collecting thunderous applause for its scenic artist of great ability ...


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