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Albé Bento, the me 'friend since the years of asylum

I can feel 'the need to speak of my' friend Alberto Benti, NE Albé always called, died in late 2006, of which I still have the 'core a vivid memory. Since 1930 and up instance in 1944 when it was ordered by the Germans in the displacement of the inhabitants of Seravezza area, I lived in front of the houses located in the old quarter of the bridge, blown up by the workers dela Todh, commanded by a sergeant of sappers dela Wehrmacht. E 'state' l Mj companion since kindergarten and years dela scòla.Erimo very close. Along with lu, I vuto many friends, among the most expensive memory: Lido Calistri, who died in 1958 after a serious accident at work, Matthew Bonci, Aldo Tessa, Andrea Bandelloni, Pea and Gianfranco Gianfranco Tommasi, yet if the latter four nun staceino of houses at the Bridge. For the mi raga ward the mountains, Erin sites dube you went to giracchià. The river was na Nossa pescina. Andaimo often on the rocks below the trench Crescent dube na sula which we built issavamo 'Nosso the tricolor flag. The playing field was the way to the ball.

remember nela street full of dust, which was close to the mill of Bonci, giocaimo many games often with 'na ball of paper and rags, because they had nun na lira in his pocket to compranne' na vera. Lido Calistri which made 'the quarterback, who held a handkerchief tied sula always apologize before called Caligaris, named after a famous player of Juventus and the national team. When piovea, often with sunrises and other comrades, we met up nela flat dube yet there was next to the chicken coop 'na shed. There, he held 'na small marble sculpture depicting the backdrop of Mount Procinto, carved up by some ancestor. Albe was 'the best of all no', was a tireless driver. One day, while staceimo talking in the living room, dela on homes, visibly happy and proud, pulled from a drawer fora na pictures on Father Donato, gentle man, shy and very good, when he was scattatagli Stacee youths while attached to a parachute to land .

years dela guera where 'n Versilia suffered much from hunger, dawns, more than once, Abbriata the tape on, but good and dear Antonia, kept her in the kitchen to give me some big gràcioli chestnut flour produced from the no sunrises that duvee possessions under Giustagnana, plus a vineyard, yet 'na small forest. While I ate flour quela sembraa d'Ave dela chocolate in the mouth. At summer camp organized dell'utima dale schools in the sports field, the first dela fall of fascism, we visit the Federal dela Fe province of Lucca. This was welcomed by all of us who went to the race meeting, shouting "Viva il Duce Duce ...! Duce! Duce. " It was then that I heard the voice of sunrises and said: "Duce, Duce leads to hunger."

During the fighting that took place between 1944/45, the mountains of Seravezza Albè family who escaped in the first instance in the area of \u200b\u200bCamaiore, returned sòbbre Seravè, nela case of the father on 'but then a s' was never moved. In that space the family of Albè spent all the long lasted seven months in which 'the conflict in Versilia. On the occasion of a meeting that took place in Seravezza Nosso the early '90s, I Albè riccontò facein what the raga com mon and yet the greatest who lived for several months, behind the forehead. They all 'day, yet in bad weather, trasportavino, gannets loaded shoulders, heavy boxes of ammunition and yet from eating canned the most advanced trenches of American soldiers. Partivino from warehouses in Torcicoda, always stationed dube 'na row of them, waiting makes some of them called for transport. He told me the sad story of the transportation of the body of soldier killed in the area try's Bovale following a skirmish with German soldiers. That day he wore a pair of shoes with a rag, rubber sole, battered, as he suffered a strong cold feet caused by trampling mevischio that, a fact that made him want to be able to use the boots of the dead body of the military not to suffer more. Violent reaction was the team leader of the military allies, which had very timidamte expressed his desire. Perhaps this is one of my best stories I wrote about today on the events experienced by Versilia Versilia during the seven months of the war that was fought in Versilia in 1944/45. Fenita the war, these brave raga beam were forgotten, and no certificate of merit, as I have written elsewhere, they were granted for the humble but very important activities, which they carried, which was maintained through constant and regular ' dele the supply of food and ammunition to soldiers Merican. In exchange for those benefits had their harsh only small boxes of frozen meat and / or other food, what they received allowed, however, to these 'youths and their families to survive ale. Yet I remember that I took from a Valventosa Giustagnana, the double beam Giustagnana arive to the black soldiers of the Buffalo Division, du crates of ammunition. Under that weight I felt a strong and continuous pain. Albé testified to me was the wedding. Lu 'more than a friend, it was for me, a brother, as it was yet Calistri Lido.

Now that there is more of a no ', it seems to me belo I think, what a great musician who is the trombone was during his earthly life, with up' tool is now being used up there in the sky, in person, together with angels, the music that accompanies Paradise Omen the souls of the pious and righteous.


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