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How To Make A Dunking Tank

Che cosa NON è l'anarchia

Anarchy is a word that begins with a denial: "an".
to fully understand the meaning then it must understand that What is that which is denied by anarchy. What is not anarchy, then?
Anarchy is not "authority", so there is no "hierarchy" and not "state."
Anarchy is equality of all living beings, then it is not "capitalism" is not "racism" is not "sexism" is not "xenophobia".

This small step is crucial to understand such concepts can not be part of anarchist thought.
to start thinking about an anarchist is necessary to consider the "state" and any form of authority or hierarchy as alien and oppressive. Any company, group or individual wishing to order in an anarchic illegittimma considers the authority of hierarchical forms taxes as "superior."
It follows that by not recognizing the dominant social structure, the anarchist does not care to obey the moral rules or laws imposed by those structures, alien to him.

Moreover, assuming that no living being can be above or below another, the anarchist rejects any notion of racism or sexism.

Capitalism is against the spirit of anarchy because it still requires the soggezzione of labor over capital. The capital (shown by management) creates a hierarchy within the working environment. This establishes a hierarchy "Superior", which can impose his authority to an inferior. But as we have seen the anarchist does not accept hierarchy and authority.
discourse on capitalism from an anarchist point of view, and much longer and more articulated as described above, will be the subject of a separate post.

From these initial observations, you can already figure out how the anarchist in a radically opposite reasons, the common thought.


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