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Il concetto di responsabilità

then Anarchy is order without power, without condition and without any hierarchy or authority.

How can I get order without all these superstructures?
We start by understanding how to operate the power, hierarchy and authority. In
any association or organization hierarchy, those in power to impose rules to follow under their jurisdiction. The individual must comply with these rules if you do not want to incur penalties. These rules are often adopted by those who command, without asking the opinion to the subject and without pretending to be shared by those who then must, in essence, to follow.
It therefore requires obedience, not critical. For the hierarchy generally not interested in knowing the degree to which these rules are considered positive, effective or intelligent the subject.
My speech is a general sense, it is obvious that there are many exceptions. For example

really easy, when the Italian state enacts a bill, not asking citizens if they agree or less (except in the case of a referendum). Democracy in fact the concept of a "delegate". When citizens go to the ballot box, choose which of the candidates will represent him in parliament. At that point his work is finished. The elected representative will be its extension policy. It may happen that a citizen does not agree with some of the initiatives of the party or candidate who voted, but can not interfere in its work. The only way to express political disagreement is not to vote more for that party, or abstain from voting altogether.

In essence the individual is taking responsibility away from political life. He is asked only to choose a representative e poi eclissarsi. Sarà poi l'uomo che ha scelto ad agire politicamente per lui.
Ovviamente in un regime democratico degno di tale nome è possibile manifestare il proprio dissenso ad azioni politiche(nei limiti delle leggi dello stato). Ciò però non significa che l'individuo abbia il diritto di agire per modificare le decisioni del parlamento o di altri organi di governo locale in modo diretto.
Ho preso il caso della democrazia perchè è la forma più vicina a noi e quindi più comprensibile. In democrazia l'individuo ha una certa responsabilità politica, in altre forme di governo questa responsabilità è molto minore. Pensiamo ad una dittatura ad esempio, dove al cittadino non viene assolutamente richiesto di partecipare in modo attivo alla politica del Paese.

Una società anarchica invece tende ad aumentare il più possibile la responsabilità politica del singolo. Qui l'individuo è chiamato a fare sempre politica attiva, ossia a partecipare all'organizzazione della società. Non vi è l'obbligo di "delegare", anzi in una società anarchica a tutti gli appartenenti viene chiesto di esprimere il proprio giudizio sulle proposte di altri e di farne di proprie.
La responsabilità politica del cittadino è quindi massima e questo si traduce anche in un aumento della responsabilità civile.

Un altro piccolo esempio:
poniamo che in un piccolo villaggio si instauri una società anarchica. Questo village is made up of 100 adults. Any meeting convened to decide what to do on an issue requires the participation of all 100 of its citizens. The anarchic spirit is the enemy of the majority vote because it would be regarded as a soppruso against the minority. The question then is discussed, who wants to express his opinion and try to find a compromise that will work for everyone.
The decision was then endorsed by all, maybe some are not fully satisfied, but they have accepted.
is the key point: sharing. The decision was taken is shared.
The individual will be led to follow the guidelines decided group in the assembly because it is convinced the best thing, sharing the decision.
His liability is greatest because now follow the directive does not because it was imposed by someone and is afraid of the consequences of any transgression will follow because we share the principles and purposes include.

is not a small thing ...

come back often on the concept of individual and collective responsibility because it is the principle on which an anarchist society.


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