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Ho affidato questo mio scritto, sull'uccisione dell'eroe seravezzino Amos Paoli da parte delle S.S., a Paolo Capovani per il "Circolo Culturale Sirio Giannini", che la pubblicherĂ  sul suo libro, ricco di altre testimonianze di persone che videro, coi propri occhi, fatti violenti e sanguinari che si verificarono in Versilia e in Apuania durante la tragica estate del 1944 ed anche nei sette mesi successivi in cui, nella nostra terra, furono combattute aspre battaglie.


As a boy I often saw passing along the path of Bridge Seravezza a young man with the crutches under his arms, a resident in one of the first houses Riomagno, a short distance from the beginning the trail that leads to the summit of Mount chute. Paul Amos was paralyzed in the legs because of polio contracted in childhood, when there was no vaccine to fight this terrible disease in children. On his face I never saw any sign of desperation; progressed serenely enduring his handicap.

Guido Menchetti, who along with Amos attended elementary schools in Seravezza, has reminded with a moving poem entitled "The I 'classmate', already published in the book of history of Giorgio Giannelli Versilia Versilia. The trap 44 ", bringing to mind the news of the capture of young Riomagno by the SS, which are considered members of the partisan movement," The gruccette kept her under the armpits and / stragicava the legs dry; / Rimagmo up on by 'n top of Chiasso, / Guaso seems absurd: step, step. / A poor shoulder the folder, / when he was a bag of rags, / buffeting always on my back / and it was so great misfortune 'na sentence. / And after three flights of stairs / Misse sott'un arm crutches, arrive and in the classroom already tired Paoli, companion of my desk. / He was a martyr and now he was alive or dead / read 'the name of' na white plate, / a palm tree, I remember, / maybe she was born / my friend Fusse because at a given day. / How he 's in Gavinana Ferrucci, / point' the finger at the perpetrator, /'s spoken to have some shortness of breath: / Oh coward! You kill a man dead. / What heroes! That good! / E Fadiga / will have done to destroy a myth! / That 'n example of honesty was Versilia / of love, devotion and freedom. / Amos Poor! You ever ride a; / ma'nt'ho seen crying or lamentatti: / with this' blond curls and 'the white face, / drums for me,' the companion of my desk. "

Amos also remember when his friends took him around the barrel of their bicycles. Screeching brakes when roamed along the dirt road full of stones of the Bridge, where Amos and his friend always stopped in the square in the center of the neighborhood to chat with the girls, Amos always greeted with sympathy. Then he laughed, oh how he laughed at those moments! In the night between 25 and 26 June 1944, a group of SS led by a Republican who served as interpreter, they surrounded the home of Paul to capture his father, who was found there. The troops he was about to leave when the Republican shouted: "There must be weapons by force!" jumped out as an Sten guns and two Smith before the Germans entered in the house, the younger brother of Amos had hidden under a mattress. At the end of Amos, pushed up on his wheelchair, was taken to a villa near Corvaia Novan with Luigi, who had stopped to sleep in the house of Lorenzo and Tarabella, who was arrested in a house adjacent to that of Paul, where they thought that there was a partisan Giuseppe Marchi, who fortunately had spent the night elsewhere. On 26 June the SS took around Amos and two of his friends in the streets of Seravezza and Riomagno, aboard a truck, and between the other, when Allied planes flew over the area took shelter under the small time Riomagno the beginning of the trail that goes to the cave of the Chapel. Al Paoli did see his house, they wanted softened. The

promised that he would be released if he had mentioned the name of the partisans who knew him, but he said nothing. He only said: "Finimola with this story," reported Corvaia to put them on the wall with his back toward them, firing a gun in the other. A few hours later the three were taken up on a truck and transported to the villa Compignano, Quiesa on the Mount, where he worked on the SS command. During the transport had to be no more sitting and kneeling. Amos did not succeed and were his two friends to support him throughout the journey. Upon arrival, the three young men were brutally beaten and beaten while in Paul shouted, "You partisan leader." At dawn on June 27, 1944 an SS dragged by one leg the poor Amos out of the house for a few hundred meters, while the poor man screamed: "Oh God, Oh God!". When he saw that the German was loading the gun began to call her mom. It was then that the SS's in the middle of the forehead fired the entire magazine, then throwing his body down a hill.

He was only twenty-seven. The two friends of Amos, and Novan the Tarabella, then told that the events and their vicissitudes, they managed to escape after being subjected to beatings and concrete threats of being killed. I conclude by pointing out that my father was to be walled in Compignano, where my family had moved a few months after the war ended, the small plaque at the point where Paul Amos - who was honored for his behavior, to the memory of Medal 'Military Valour gold - was brutally murdered, I was to keep it up and attached to the wall while the murava. Had requested the father of the hero who had occasionally met in Pietrasanta. The Paul knew that lived in that location and after learning from my father that the same factor of the estate, where his son was killed, had failed the assignment given to him, he said "Orlando, you think about it."


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