Friday, October 5, 2007

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The massacre in the Valley Bodengo

Bodengo We got in the Valley to admire the fantastic places described in "A walk in Valtellina," but the omens of "Destruction of a paradise" contained in that volume 1985, unfortunately, have already come true.
The stock was constantly crossed by speed machines idle, lazy cars rushed to the mountains that rise to the polenta on Sundays. What beautiful lodges their minibus with satellite dishes.
the ban on driving by Gordon? We were the only ones observed. An agro-pastoral landscape
destroyed, the old cobbled street often raped by runs made with diggers, the forests no longer care ... and we could continue. But those who left
destroy Val Bodengo?

In the picture the beautiful bridge of dry old cobblestone street, and in the background, the ugly concrete overpasses done to allow the machines to get people to share in the polenta on Sundays, or simply to consume a bit 'of petrol.


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