Thursday, July 26, 2007

How To Make A Zim Costume

We do a track??

  writes his friend Dario Leusciatti : 

Congratulations to the first edition of the magazine.
I fully agree with the spirit of the initiative and the content of the preface, especially with regard to our lack of environmental awareness and continuous obsessive search for the destruction of the ecosystems of our mountains .
In this regard it would be interesting to note in the journal
some examples of this shambles that continues unabated with the construction of forest roads
back a few years away in beautiful places we have the bitter surprise to see them torn apart by these wounds, leaving pay a horrible vision, as well as countless felled trees and branches scattered disorderly (but maybe someone should check that the work is done on purpose?).
I must point out the latest goodies:
- forest track in PRA Maslino ;
- Carnal-Davaglion Plan (the feriita orobico is clearly visible from the side, we hope to grow quickly to cover part of the vegetation ...);
-dulcis in fundum: the track leading from the dam to below Frera Lakes Toren (angosciante. ..) and cut the old trail, clearing all types of signs for hikers
( Orobie compliments to the park).

publishing this e-mail to Dario, sharing his observations in full and promising to enrich this intervention with the required photo documentation. (Beno)


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