Monday, March 26, 2007

Miosotis & Milena Velba

With the lift pass to make clear the lake Palu ... The gates of hell

I wanted to leave the photo on the blog owner and "no comment", but it is better to write two lines.
This winter was particularly dry and lack of snow, then the slopes of snow have lived anywhere. But when the snow is produced by draining a lake, I believe, exceeds the limit of common sense. And all for money, blinded by money.
This was the fate of the lake Palu.
We've seen year after year of lower level for sampling of winter snow cannons and drought, but I had never seen a situation as alarming as in the past. Palu is not the lake next to nothing, is a puddle.
As usual, in February rose divers to carry the statue of Christ of the Abyss on the lake bottom. We have laughed about it. "It will be enough fisherman's boots and swim a little 'arms," \u200b\u200bhe joked some, but the joke was bitter.
(find old photos of the lake on Valmalenco Freee )
nobody has noticed? You can not put a limit to the destruction of the environment for money, not need, but money, do not drink, but shoot snow on the slopes for tourists who see our valley as a playground, not a living creature that is. The world is for their enjoyment and to enrich the unscrupulous people who offer the service. Why no one says "Enough!"? But happiness
è già in cantiere: gli impianti verranno prolungati fino in cima al Sasso Nero.
Lassù ci sono 3 laghetti vicini: Scarolda, "Tricheco" e "Balena" che gemono :"Prosciugateci!". Quell'acqua non aspetta altro che diventare neve artificiale e donare momenti felici ai turisti.

Cavolo, siamo dei trogloditi: il Trentino è molto più avanti di noi! Enormi impianti di sci collegati fra loro permettono di scendere centinaia di km di piste sui fianchi di numerosissime montagne.
Trentino: amore e natura! Lì si che hanno capito come sfruttare le risorse, come lanciare la loro economia grazie al turismo.

E questi sono i discorsi di tutti i giorni che si sentono nei bar. Regalerei those intellectuals in a shirt that says "SELL MY MOTHER, EURO 100 negotiable."
But my protests are empty because I am not anyone who's in charge and thinks just like the ones at the bar, or if it thinks otherwise is held well away from expressing his ideas and lose popular support. To get you votes promettre money, wealth and prosperity immediately.


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