Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Problem With

September 13, 2005, the dawn of the lake Arcoglio.
greet the climb to Alpe d'Arcoglio and S in the direction of white stones top that closes to clear rocks from the SW valley. After a rocky step I do before the beautiful Lake Arcoglio (m 2234). Its water is not yet kissed by the sun, seem ink. The fields around are illuminated by an unusual yellow light, the sky seems to burn above the dark silhouettes of the bold peaks of the Ladder-Painale.
I will hide from the show and join the Sasso Bianco (2490 m). A few yards below, to the N of the summit, there is a karst sinkhole that seems not to see the bottom. This trun, tell the old, is the gateway to hell. From here, many come out dreadful and evil creatures whose sole purpose is to
infest and destroy the world.

I look at the valley floor, plantations of lights, the herds of wild cars, the woods of sheds and flocks of insulators of power lines. My heart rejoices in happiness at seeing so much beauty. Will be the work of demons come out of this hole?


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