Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Mixer With Bacardi Limon

Definizione di anarchia

Anarchy means "without government".

An anarchist society is a society that does not have a government, because they can do without, or because they must do without.

Although the word "anarchy" lends itself to multiple meanings, I would just point out which of these will be used within this blog.

From now on, when we talk of "anarchy" means a form of social organization without a government, that is, without a hierarchy among its members.
In order not to seem too abstract and accedemico rephrase the previous thought in the simplest way.
Anarchy is when in a group there is no "higher" and "inferior", then all the components they want to belong to that group are equal. Even those outside the group is still considered equal to those who belong. Basically all living beings are equal. The abuse of a person towards another person is neither viable nor acceptable
In practical terms this means that the individual can freely choose whether or not part of any group, not apartments or to anyone.
A band was formed with the consent of its participants, who will take part freely in order to implement a joint plan that would not be possible individually.


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